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“What happened to my Google Reviews?”

Oct 21 / by: Amy Racher

You may have seen patient reviews suddenly disappear from your practice listing on Google. This is actually not a new issue within Google Places. Google’s algorithm continuously gets more stringent (and not just for our Members). We at Sesame pride ourselves on keeping you up-to-date on the latest search algorithm trends. This post covers some of the most important strategies […]
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“What is Facebook Reach, and why is it important to my practice?”

Aug 30 / by: admin

Today, we thought we would take a little time to answer this commonly asked question because reach is vital to your practice’s social media strategy on Facebook! To begin, we define reach as the total number of unique Facebook users who see the things you post on your Timeline. Be it a photo, a status update, or a deband video, […]
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[Guest Post] Leverage the Power of Google for Your Practice

Dec 04 / by: Naomi Cooper

You may know Google best as the popular search engine, but when it comes to online marketing, social media and SEO, Google is a serious powerhouse. Google purchased YouTube, the largest video sharing site to date, and launched both Google+ and Google+ Local. Why is this important for your practice? Patients are turning to the internet to find health care […]
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#DIY With Your Own Practice Hashtag

Dec 13 / by: Scott George

  It seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing a hashtag from movies, television, restaurants, even your local grocery store – they are everywhere. For those of you who don’t know, a hashtag is a simple keyword phrase that is spelled out with no spaces and a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, a hashtag we […]
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Festive Fall Fun for Facebook

Sep 25 / by: Tyler Harris

The temperature is dropping, and leaves are changing colors. These could only mean one thing — it’s fall! With the arrival of fall comes more than just seasonal changes, it also brings many opportunities for your social media content. From smile-friendly autumn recipes to Halloween festivities, fall is the perfect time to show off what is happening in your office […]
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Should You Be Using Calls to Action in Your Social Media Ads?

Aug 01 / by: Marie Dubray

Calls to action (CTAs) play a vital role in social media advertisements. CTAs are a way to prompt the audience to take specific action, such as clicking a link, calling in to schedule an appointment or learning more about a special. They are a valuable tool for any practices looking to drive conversions and increase engagement, making them a must-have […]
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Website and Social Media: Why They Both Matter for Your Practice

May 30 / by: Nicole Gamble

Website or social media? If your practice is trying to decide which one to choose, you may want to consider the third option, both. When it comes to your business, it’s important to create a strong online presence. Your practice can do this by setting up an easy-to-use website to provide patients with important information regarding your practice and the […]
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10 Ways to Grow Your Practice with QR Codes

Aug 09 / by: admin

One of the fastest-growing trends in online marketing has been Quick Response Codes, also known as QR Codes. You’ve probably seen these square bar-codes starting to pop up on brochures, business cards, and even billboards! The codes, when scanned with a special app on a smartphone, can take the user to a website, social network, or even a video. This […]
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12 Ways Dental Practices Benefit from Accepting Credit Cards

Aug 31 / by: TSYS

Competition among dental practices is fierce and practices like yours need to set themselves apart. But how? You can do this through payments. Most dental practice managers are surprised to discover that patient payment options can help differentiate one practice from another. And now with patients responsible for a larger chunk of the bill, they will be more satisfied at […]
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15 Blog Topics That Your Practice Can Post All Year

Dec 07 / by: Marie Dubray

Consistently posting on your social media has many benefits for your practice, but did you know that consistently posting to your website’s blog is just as important?  With our Sesame Social service, we have you covered with weekly posts. In order to maximize your organic traffic, we recommend 3-5 blog posts a week. We cover this in-depth in our post […]
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