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    3 Ways Social Media Ads Can Benefit Existing Patients

    As most people already know, social media advertising (ads) can be a powerful tool to help practices attract new potential patients. But what if we told you, social media ads could benefit your existing patients as well?

    While you may have only considered how social media ads can help your practice gain new patients, this blog can help you get a better understanding of why social media ads are not only important for growth, but beneficial to the patients you already have.

    Here are three social media ads that can benefit your existing patients.

    Promoting New Service Offerings

    Is your practice adding some new service offerings? Consider creating a social media ad to promote it. Social media ads are an effective way to inform existing customers about any new services you are adding to your practice. This can be anything from what the service entails to how it can benefit the patient, especially if a special offer is involved. By keeping patients informed, your practice can keep their interest to ensure they are getting the most out of the services you offer.

    Communicating Office Updates

    Changing locations? Adding a new doctor to your practice? Create a social media ad about it. This is a great way to communicate with new and existing patients about any upcoming changes to your practice. This is not only informative for anyone new looking at your practice, but it keeps your existing customers up to date about what new things your practice is offering so that they know what to expect during their next visit.

    Highlighting Promotions, Contests or Giveaways

    Social media ads are a great way to highlight exclusive offers from your practice. Whether it’s a promotion, contest or giveaway, these offers won’t go unnoticed. Plus, by hosting a contest or giveaway, your practice could see increased engagement and followers, especially if your existing patients are sharing your ad. Utilizing your social media ads to highlight these special offers is a great way to reengage with existing patients, especially if it’s an exclusive promotion. These kinds of offers will incentivize patients to visit your practice over your competitor by building brand loyalty.

    The Importance of Social Media Ads for Existing Patients

    Now that we’ve gone over three ways social media ads are beneficial to your existing patients, let’s go over why this is important.

    Posting social media ads is a great way to build a deeper relationship with existing patients. As we mentioned above, these ads provide timely updates to your audience about services, office updates, and any promotions going on. This kind of communication is vital for long-term success as it allows your practice to cater to the needs and interests of current patients. Not to mention, it creates brand loyalty and encourages patients to return to your practice.

    By keeping your ad targeting up to date, this ensures that your message gets delivered to the correct audience. In doing so, you can create personalized content geared toward what your patients want so you can deliver a more meaningful experience. This is a great way to retain patients for years to come.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, social media ads can contribute to your practice’s success and growth. Whether it’s using ads to promote new services, communicate updates, highlight in-office promotions or anything else, your practice will benefit. We encourage all practices to utilize social media ads for not only new potential patients, but existing patients as well.

    Are you interested in social ads but don’t know where to start? Sesame Communications can help. We offer a Social Advertising service and are happy to get you started. Contact us now to learn more and get started.

    —Nicole Gamble, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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