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2011 PNDC Wrap Up

Jun 24 / by: admin

Sesame’s offices are situated in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, and give us a unique opportunity to attend many great events and study groups, right in our own backyard! One of these is the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, an annual event which was held last week in Seattle. Thank you to everyone who got a chance to stop by […]
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2012 PNDC Wrap-Up

Jun 19 / by: admin

Thank you to everyone who got a chance to stop by and say hello at the Sesame Communications booth at last week’s Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, along with everyone who was able to attend our very own Rachel Mele’s session, “Get Found: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Online Marketing.” Everybody in the audience was great – thank you to […]
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3 Best Practices for Selecting PPC Keywords

Nov 03 / by: Michael Fitterer
Selecting PPC Keywords

In the digital marketing world, the more targeted you can be with messaging towards your desired audience the better.  This rule holds especially true in the realm of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Strategic keyword selection and targeting are two of the most important PPC optimization factors. If keywords are irrelevant or too generic, money spent on clicks is destined to be […]
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3 Free Tools for Generating Blog Post Content Ideas

Jun 16 / by: Michael Fitterer

Writer’s block happens. Even prolific writers struggle with generating new content ideas at times.  Luckily, in the Internet age there are a TON of resources you can utilize to help with content creation.  In this blog post I will outline 3 great tools you can utilize for coming up with new blog post ideas. Oh, and each one can be […]
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3 Marketing KPIs That Affect Your Practice’s Success

Sep 17 / by: Michael Fitterer

News flash – there are other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) than Return on Investment (ROI) and cost! Don’t get me wrong – knowing how profitable you are and what you’re spending are probably THE MOST IMPORTANT metrics of financial success for your practice. Yet, these figures don’t occur in a vacuum. There are a number of very important marketing metrics […]
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3 More Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

Aug 05 / by: Jennie Rogers
Blog posting recommendations for practices

Writing and maintaining a blog for your website may seem like a daunting task at first. Rest assured, your efforts won’t go unrewarded!  Frequently creating consistent content for your blog benefits your website and aids in growing an audience that is actively engaged with you online. A successful blog post should be rich in keywords, stay topical and relevant, have […]
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3 Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts

Jul 21 / by: Michael Fitterer
Blog Post Creation Best Practices

Not all blog posts are created equal. Once you’ve decided on a topic there are a handful of key decisions to make that will ultimately contribute heavily to whether or not your post is a success.  The title and layout of a blog post are critical contributing components. As a best practice select a simple and enticing title and support […]
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3 Top Social Media Trends in 2021

Jan 12 / by: Jennie Rogers
Social Trends to Take Advantage of

Does one of your New Year’s resolutions include posting more frequently to your practice’s social media profiles? Well, you are in luck! In this post, I’ll share with you the most important trends to implement into your social media strategy for 2021.  With people now spending more time at home due to the pandemic there is a significant increase in […]
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4 Website Content Messaging Tips for Appealing to New Patients

Mar 17 / by: Michael Fitterer
Content Optimization Tips

Visitors will make up their minds about your website in just 10 – 20  seconds!  You read that statistic correctly. According to Nielsen Norman Group research, if site visitors don’t quickly find what they’re looking for they typically leave your website quickly.  That means having a very clear message is crucial for getting visitors to stay on a given web […]
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5 Actionable SEO Tips

Dec 03 / by: Aliah Rasmussen

With a new year just around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about your SEO roadmap. Google is continually revamping its algorithm to make searches more local based, so it’s important to update your strategy accordingly. Several SEO industry leaders recently came together to develop a list of what they believe are the most important Local Search Ranking Factors. […]
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