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Sesame SEO Does SIC

Nov 14 / by: Naomi Ellis

Each year like clockwork, Google makes significant changes to their various platforms and ranking algorithm. Every change comes as a result of consumer search habits and emerging technology that make up today’s fast-paced modern climate. Our Sesame Search team works tirelessly to stay on top of these changes as the online community continues to evolve. This year, Sesame’s Search Team […]
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Defining Click-Through Rates

Nov 10 / by: John Lee

You may be wondering what a click-through rate (CTR) is and why it’s  important when it comes to your marketing efforts. A CTR is the ratio of clicks on a link compared to impressions in your campaign. A vast array of factors can influence it and unfortunately, some are out of your hands. However, there are some things you can […]
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What are search engines looking for?

Sep 29 / by: Naomi Ellis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. The purpose of SEO is to increase website traffic, expand brand awareness, and improve rankings. Oral health providers need to invest in a dynamic SEO strategy to be able to meet their current and  potential patients where many of […]
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Citation Management: Manual vs. Aggregator

Sep 13 / by: Rebekah McBride

You might be wondering, why do I need citation management? Well, local search results are dependent on healthy citations and leads in order to improve rankings, website traffic and ultimately, conversions. Good citation management allows your community to have an accurate impression of your business instead of being misdirected by incorrect or duplicate listings. If you have decided to outsource […]
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The Evolution of Social Media

Sep 13 / by: Sarah Masson

Have you ever wondered how social media platforms came to be? Some social sites have come a long way since they first came out, while others are barely hanging on, or simply no longer exist. So why is that some of them flourished, while others fizzled out? It all comes down to effectively connecting people and creating a relevant, user […]
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How to Create a Link Building Campaign

Sep 12 / by: Rebekah McBride

Are you new to link building? That’s okay – we’re here to help answer any and all questions you might have. Let’s begin with defining what link building is. A link building campaign is the process of acquiring links from other websites that direct them to your own. This particular marketing campaign is an effective way to increase your website […]
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Upon Further Review: Reviews Help Raise Your Practice Above the Rest

Sep 05 / by: Scott George

There’s probably no doubt in your mind that you consistently give five-star service to your patients during every visit. The question is, does the internet know that? What about a prospective patient who is looking for their next dentist through Google, Facebook, or Yelp? We live in an age where almost everyone takes to the internet to find the best […]
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12 Ways Dental Practices Benefit from Accepting Credit Cards

Aug 31 / by: TSYS

Competition among dental practices is fierce and practices like yours need to set themselves apart. But how? You can do this through payments. Most dental practice managers are surprised to discover that patient payment options can help differentiate one practice from another. And now with patients responsible for a larger chunk of the bill, they will be more satisfied at […]
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The Benefits of Content Questionnaires

Aug 02 / by: Michelle Hammond

You already know that SEO and social media are vital parts of your practice’s online marketing strategy. You also know that content questionnaires are a great tool to have for your SEO and social efforts. Today, we’ll be expanding on how Sesame’s questionnaires benefit SEO and social media individually, and how the two overlap. So if you’ve been neglecting those […]
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Instant Engagement with Instagram

Jul 19 / by: Scott George

People are drawn to photos. When it comes to Social Media the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true, particularly when it comes to Instagram. Instagram has skyrocketed to the #3 most used Social Media platform worldwide in 2016, with over 500 million active monthly users. If you’re looking to get your brand in front of prospective […]
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