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Sesame’s COVID-19 Resource Page Overview

Mar 19 / by: admin
Sesame COVID-19 Resources Your Practice Can Access

COVID-19 has forced us to change how we conduct our daily business and even how we interact with each other. During times of uncertainty, it’s critical that we can effectively communicate with our patients to help them deal with any disruption it has on their planned dental care – and continue to provide a quality patient experience.  COVID-19 Resource Page […]
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Why Evergreen Website Content Matters

Jul 20 / by: Aliah Rasmussen
The Importance of Evergreen Content

One of the core aspects of SEO is the continued creation of fresh content for your website. New content helps illustrate to search engines like Google and Bing that you are an authority on a given topic and that you are actively updating your website.  Still, not all content needs to change. In the SEO world, static content that rarely […]
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Determining Your Optimal Social Media Posting Time

Jul 13 / by: Tyler Harris
Best time for social media posts

In this day and age, we’re constantly flooded with so much information on social media that posts can get lost in the shuffle.  Determining and optimizing for the specific times and days you have the best chance of catching your patients’ attention is important for increasing your engagement with visibility on social media platforms.  There is no one size fits […]
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Monitoring Website Feature Performance

Jul 06 / by: Michael Fitterer

Tracking the performance of a given page on a website is relatively easy. With Google Analytics and countless other analytics programs, by including a snippet of code within the back end of a page, data for metrics like clicks and the average time length of visits are recorded and easily viewed.  But what about feature performance? How do you track […]
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Tips for Responding to Reviews on Social Media

Jun 30 / by: Nicole Gamble

When it comes to your practice, your patients are everything. Without them, where would you be?  For this reason, it’s important to take time to respond to patient reviews on social media. After all, sharing their thoughts on your practice takes time and that alone should be remembered and acknowledged.  Responding to reviews helps to build better relationships with patients […]
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Why Search Ads Help Attract New Patients

Jun 23 / by: Michael Fitterer
Attracting New Patients with Search Ads

Determining where to place advertising dollars can be a daunting task. An abundance of platforms and possibilities exist and they all claim to be your best option.  That’s why I decided to write this post. Is your practice’s main intention with advertising to attract new patients? If your practice has some ad budget available I suggest you begin with running […]
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Understanding Google Page Experience

Jun 16 / by: Phil Horton
Google Algorithm Updates

The only constant with Google’s algorithm is that there is no consistency. Google continuously updates how they present search results to its users as part of its quest to give them an ideal experience.  On that note, Google is expected to roll out their latest update any day now. This update aims to give priority to pages that present the […]
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4 Website Features that Appeal to New Patients

Jun 02 / by: Michael Fitterer
Website features that appeal to prospective patients

In most markets, patients have options. Before selecting a new dental, ortho, or specialty practice most people perform a fair amount of research. Factors like location, hours and a practice’s area of specialty all contribute to a prospective patient’s decision-making process. Still, there is often plenty of overlap amongst competing practices in these broad types of categories. That’s why having […]
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5 Always Great Social Media Content Ideas

May 25 / by: Tyler Harris
Ideas for Great Social Media Content

It takes a certain amount of creativity to develop an effective and engaging social media strategy. Fresh and interesting content can catch your patient’s attention, keep them informed with the on-goings in your office, and get great engagement helping your content perform well.  We know it can feel daunting to keep up with your in-office postings but it is a […]
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How to Add a Services Page on Facebook

May 18 / by: Jennie Rogers
Adding a Facebook services page

Do you have a service or a few services that your office offers that you would like to market on your Facebook business page?  Adding a “Services” tab to your Facebook business page is a quick and easy way for current and future patients to discover the variety of services you provide. Within this blog post I will cover how […]
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Headers and their Influence on SEO

May 11 / by: Aliah Rasmussen
Heading Tags

  When a search engine crawls the web for results for the search query a person has placed, page headings are particularly important.   In this post, I’ll cover the hidden and visible elements of H1 page headings and why they hold significant importance for search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.   Heading Tags Overview A portion of page headings are actually […]
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