15 Blog Topics that Your Practice can be Posting All Year  

Consistently posting on your social media has many benefits for your practice, but did you know that consistently posting to your website’s blog is just as important? 

With our Sesame Social service, we have you covered with weekly posts. In order to maximize your organic traffic, we recommend 3-5 blog posts a week. We cover this in-depth in our post on Blog Frequency. However, it is important to remember that the quality of your blogs is more important than the number of blogs you are posting.

Here are some topics that you can write about on your blog that can help increase traffic. 

  1. Talk about your services – You may have a list of your services on your website but having a blog post dedicated to each of your services could help your clients better understand what each service entails.
  2. Industry News – If there are any new updates in the dental world, it’s a great way to create content for your website and inform your patients of all the latest news. Just make sure that you are using reputable sources for your information.
  3. Comparison Posts – Compare and contrast the different services you offer and how they are similar and different from one another.
  4. FAQs – There may be a section on your website for your FAQs however take the chance to update that section in a blog post and answer any questions that your patients may have.
  5. Patient Case Studies – Case studies are a great way to show your credibility. Post before and after photos and include a brief overview of the work you completed.
  6. Introduce your Team Members –If you do not have a meet-the-team section for your staff this can be an easy way to collect a few different pieces of content and allow your patients to get to know your team better.
  7. Product Reviews – There are many dental products on the market and by writing reviews for a few products you could easily create additional content for your website.
  8. Highlight any important milestones – Has your practice received an award? Is one of your team members being recognized for something exciting? Talking about these milestones in your blog is a great way to build some buzz around the excitement and highlight your teams’ accomplishments.
  9. Contests – If you are running any contests or giveaways, make sure to highlight them both on your social media and your blog. Your blog can be used to describe all the rules and instructions as well as give a more in-depth overview of why you are running the contest.
  10. Share Office Updates – Do you have new staff members or updated hours? A blog post is a great way for your patients to read all about new updates within your office.
  11. Monthly Updates – You can take this opportunity to talk about any changes that were made within the past month. This is also great if you are being consistent about your monthly posts because it gives your readers something to look forward to.
  12. Holiday Posts – There are holidays year-round and you can easily talk about what sort of things you and your team did to celebrate those holidays.
  13. Charity & Awareness Posts – Are there any charities or organizations that you would like to share with your patients? Highlighting them in your blog can be a great way to bring exposure to both your practice and the cause you are supporting.
  14. List Posts – Lists are a great way to share a lot of content at once. Share your top 5 tips to keep up with your dental routine in 2023 or you can share the best dental-related gifts to give this year.
  15. Recycle Your Most Successful Posts – Take a look at what posts performed the best and update them to be more recent. Then repost them to your website to bring in some new traffic to your website.

Hopefully, this list will help you utilize your creative skills to write about topics that you know your patients will want to read. If you are still looking for new topics to write about, feel free to reach out to our social team and we can help you come up with new ideas. 

—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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