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10 Ways to Grow Your Practice with QR Codes


One of the fastest-growing trends in online marketing has been Quick Response Codes, also known as QR Codes. You’ve probably seen these square bar-codes starting to pop up on brochures, business cards, and even billboards! The codes, when scanned with a special app on a smartphone, can take the user to a website, social network, or even a video. This technology makes it easy and fun for patients to connect with your practice using their mobile devices, and QR Code scanning is becoming more popular than ever. In fact, since the second quarter of 2010, QR code scans have increased a staggering 9840%! The time is now to begin leveraging this new technology in your practice.

How do they work?

A QR code is designed to be read anytime, anywhere using a smartphone with a QR code reader app. Rather than having to type in a URL, you simply scan the code and open the URL link that is embedded within the code. Since QR codes can be linked to most kinds of content on the web, your practice can easily promote your mobile website, increase the activity and number of “likes” on your Facebook page, and even direct patients to read reviews on your Google Places Page, or write one of their own!

The quick access of QR codes, combined with the ease of use of a mobile optimized website, makes connecting with prospective patients quick and easy.

Get Started Today

There are many ways you can get started with using QR codes in your practice today. Download a copy of “10 Ways to Grow Your Practice with QR Codes“, a helpful guide we’ve created full of ideas for using QR codes in your practice. You can also watch a helpful Webinar on our archives page that contains additional ideas and best practices in using QR codes.

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