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Why Optimized Title Tags are Crucial for SEO

Jun 02 / by: John Nguyen

  Do you have a beautiful web page that’s not getting as many visitors as you expected? It might be due to your web page’s title tag. The title tag of your web page lets search engines and people know the theme of the content on the page.  In the back end of your web page, the title tag would […]
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Considerations for Choosing a Pay-Per-Click Budget

May 26 / by: Rebekah McBride

  You may have just received a budget analysis for running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads or you’ve been asking yourself, “how much should I spend on PPC?” Either way, it’s a great question!  There is no cookie-cutter solution for determining a PPC budget. When deciding how much money you need to spend on your PPC efforts there are a few factors […]
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Creating Effective Content Around Current Events

May 19 / by: John Messick
Content Creation for Current Events

Current events undoubtedly play a role in business trends. When a respected, A-List celebrity is spotted at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, suddenly, the restaurant gains popularity and has a line out the door.  When the same celebrity calls out a company for immoral practices, that business sees a drop in orders. And when companies are dismissive and unresponsive to legitimate concerns, […]
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Adding COVID-19 Resources to Your Website + Google My Business Profiles

May 12 / by: Naomi Newell
Helpful tips for Adding COVID-19 Resources to Websites + Google My Business Profiles

As the harsh reality of the COVID-19 outbreak comes into focus, Dentists, Orthodontists, and their teams of dedicated employees are realizing they don’t just have to worry about themselves and their families, but their businesses as well.  Beyond being dynamic health professionals, your practice can be a pillar to your community by offering resources and education online. Although working on […]
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Facebook vs. Instagram – The Benefits + Drawbacks of Each

May 05 / by: Kai Eldridge
Social Media Platform Differences

The introduction of social media to the business landscape has changed the way we view content creation and marketing best practices. While we recommend utilizing a variety of social media platforms as a part of your marketing strategy, making sure your content and messaging are hitting the correct demographics for each one is crucial.  Whether you are sharing photos, blog […]
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Your Website Content Needs Updating. Where Do You Begin?

Apr 21 / by: Michael Fitterer
Deciding Where to Begin with Website Content Updates

With the COVID-19 outbreak closing most practices now is a good time to make website content updates. For example, perhaps you now offer additional services or you want to change out some images.  Are you in the “haven’t updated your website in a really LOOOONNNGGGG time boat?” If the answer is “yes” you’re probably struggling with where to begin.  The […]
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Boosting Your Digital Visibility Now and After COVID-19 Closures

Apr 14 / by: Michael Fitterer
Increase Your Practice's Digital Visibility

Many practices are closed indefinitely due to the outbreak of COVID-19. While precautionary closure is definitely the right thing to do, it certainly will hamper revenue generation for some time.  So, why not put yourself in the best possible digital position both now and when normalcy starts to return? There are a number of steps you can take to improve […]
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Your Google My Business Profile Can be Great for SEO

Apr 07 / by: Phil Horton
GMB helps SEO for your practice

We’ve all been there. On our phone looking for a quick answer. Maybe the search is for hours of a business, a quick look at a menu, or just trying to find the address. This used to be a multi-step process – first you search for a business, go to their website for address and hours info, and maybe go […]
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Exploring Top Performing Social Media Post Formats

Mar 31 / by: Kai Eldridge
Most Effective Types of Social Media Posts

Social media can be challenging. The field is growing quickly, and with constant growth comes regular change. Finding your groove on social media takes time, practice, and patience.  Best practices can be frustrating because what works for other businesses and audiences may not work for yours. However, there are 4 types of posts that are sure to perform well and […]
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How Your Website Influences Referrals

Mar 24 / by: Phil Horton
How Your Website Influences Practice Referrals

We hear it all the time: “I get most of my business from referrals.”  Established practices with a long list of loyal patients spreading the word is still very much something that influences how many new customers walk through your door. However, even if word of mouth is driving a fair share of your business, in the digital age your […]
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