8 Content Ideas for 2023

2022, is officially over and we are now in 2023! This means the birth of new social media trends, another opportunity to start fresh with your strategy, and a new year to create exciting and engaging content.

But what if you’re stuck and don’t know what content to create? Don’t worry, you have Sesame’s social media Team here to help! Continue reading to see our top content ideas that you should be creating this year.

Short Videos

These are known as Reels on Instagram, TikToks on TikTok, and YouTube Shorts on YouTube. We’ve talked a lot about short-form video content in the past and we are seeing that the trend of creating this type of content isn’t going away anytime soon.

Branded Images

Branded content tends to be more eye-catching to your followers, especially when scrolling through their feed. They will be able to recognize your practice a lot easier.

With our social service, you have access to custom-made logo frames that you can add to any of your photos or graphics. These can be found within the social tool and uploaded to your Facebook and Instagram.

Share Employee Spotlights

Your team is the backbone of your business and it’s important for them to feel appreciated. What better way to appreciate your team than to dedicate a post to them!

Employee spotlights are a great way to humanize your practice and enhance your branding. Your social media accounts should be a reflection of your practice.

As a bonus, if you have employee profiles on your website you can easily redirect traffic to those pages.

Follow Social Media Trends

If you scroll on different platforms, you can start to see a pattern in popular content. Whether there are videos with popular sounds, challenges that are happening, or even trending hashtags, there is an endless number of posts that you will see.

Trending content is popular for a reason. It’s because your audience likes to watch or interact with it. What better way to increase your engagement than to participate in some of these trends?

If you are choosing to go the route of trending content, you should do your research first and understand what is trending in your industry. You can find this by looking at what your competitors or similar businesses are posting. This will help you execute the finished product perfectly.

Repurpose Content

If you’re on multiple platforms, creating content is going to seem like a full-time job. You will be planning different content for each platform and figuring out the best strategy.

However, there is an easier way to do this. It’s called repurposing content!

How do you do this?  You will create a few pieces of content and post them across each of your platforms. If it fits their guidelines, you will have content for all your platforms. Keep in mind that repurposing does not mean copying and pasting. You may keep the same video and photo but tailoring the content to each platform is crucial to ensure the post is successful.

Develop Niche Content

We know that you have a target audience in mind. If you’re a pediatric dentist, most likely you will not be targeting adults in their mid-60s.

Niche content will allow you to create content that speaks to a specific audience. This content focuses on a very specific topic that is relevant to your industry. By creating this type of content, you will appeal directly to leads that are looking for your services. You’ll be able to drive them directly to your page where they will find content that answers their questions.

Add in Different Types of Content

Posting photos for the past year may have worked in 2022, but now we’re in 2023 and your audience expects more from you. While photos are still important consider adding videos, infographics, and other custom graphics.

Using resources such as Canva, which is included in your Sesame Social Tool, will be extremely useful when you are diversifying your content type.

Double-Up on your Content

And finally, you’ll want to make your life 10 times easier and double-up on your content. This doesn’t mean creating twice the amount of work, but instead, spending some time creating different types of content on a certain subject.

For example, let’s say you are recording a reel with a patient who just finished their cleaning appointment and you’re asking them to talk about their oral health routine. When they mention the type of toothbrush they use, you can create a separate post highlighting the benefits of that toothbrush.

By using this approach, you can build content off other pieces of content. It’s a great way to create content without thinking too hard about what to create.


The hardest part of creating content is thinking about what you should post next. We hope that by reading through this article you were able to get a better idea of what kind of content you can be creating in 2023!

—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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