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Blogging Essentials

with Laura Nadler

If blogging isn’t part of your marketing strategy, then Google isn’t giving you the love you need. Tune in to […]

Build Your Brand through Patient Appeal Websites & Social Media

with Almie Borromeo

This webinar takes an in-depth look at websites that appeal to patients and trends that will set your brand apart […]

911 Observation Rescue

with Jill Allen

How are you looking at observation appointments in your office? Are they a hassle? Still in the clinic? An investment? […]

Relieve the Ache of Patient Payments

with Michelle Dowling

Watch OnDeamnd as Michelle Dowling, from TSYS, discusses what your office should be doing today to relieve the ache of […]

Want a Kick-Ass Dental Practice and Free Time Too?

with Chuck Blakeman

Most of our teams are not bringing it all when they show up to work. They’re phoning it in and […]

Build The Best Team – Recruit, Develop & Maintain A Stronger Staff

with Mark Sanchez

Did you know the average new mis-hire for a practice can cost over $300,000? Team tops will show you how […]

Your Dental Website Checklist: 20 Elements Your Website Needs to be Effective

with Jaime Couden

You probably get called with website solicitations several times a week, and each caller likely has a differing opinion of […]

Are You an Internet STAR? – Why Video MUST Be Part of Your Practice Marketing

with Laura Nadler

Watch OnDemand as Laura Nadler from Pride Institute discusses how to best use video to market your practice!

This webinar will […]

Five SEO Trends That Won’t Quit

with Tyler Rundle

Are you curious on how you can expand your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reach in 2017? The Sesame SEO Team […]

How do your patients really feel about your website?

with Marshall Perez

You put in extra hours at your practice, spoke with your colleagues and friends, finally the day has arrived and […]

DIY Search Engine Optimization – Improve Your Rankings, Boost Your Traffic

with Sam Tindal

Sam TindalSEO Can be confusing. Save yourself the time and headache of learning all the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization with […]

Consumerism in Healthcare

with Andrea Pearson

Watch OnDemand as Andrea Pearson discusses consumerism in healthcare and explores how other marketplaces have conditioned consumers and how people choose providers […]

Transform Your Dental Practice to Achieve Long-Term Success and Lead Your Team to Peak Performance!

with Marsha Mullett

Most dentists operate in an environment where they fail to see, tap into and leverage most of the opportunities that […]

Managing the Social Media Monster

with Laura Nadler

Does it seem like there are dozens of social media platforms?  Which ones should you be using?  How often?  Do […]

Social Media Pictures Say a Thousand Words

with Rachel Mele

In this Webinar you will learn what Facebook users look at when they visit your business page and understand what […]

Hackers, HIPAA and Hype: Understanding Data Safety and Patient Confidentiality

with Larry Emmott, DDS

It seems that we hear of a new data breach or hack almost every day. Data security and HIPAA compliance […]

Digital Patient Engagement Platform & Practice Success

with Mick Sexton

Great patient communication is no longer a luxury in today’s competitive environment. Learn how to stand out from the competition […]

Firing and Hiring

with Jill Allen

Deciding to make an employee change can be challenging and stressful for many doctors, but having the wrong team member […]

How to Make it Easier for Patients to Do Business with Your Practice

with Brett Conner

For patients, a trip to their healthcare provider can sometimes be more than just a toothache. Not every patient has […]

Financial Decisions the Dentist Must Get Right: Real World Answers to Dentistry’s Tough Financial Questions

with Charles Loretto

In this content-rich, interactive course, learn proven formulas behind building wealth, tax strategies to improve cash flow, plus the short- […]

Building Your Online Reputation with Reviews

with Neil Harrison

Neil HarrisonMany practices are surprised to find there are profiles for them on sites like Yelp, and Google+ Local even though […]

Transition and Exit Planning – What You Need to Know

with Hy Smith

Hy SmithWhether you are ready to retire, are looking to move on to a new opportunity or have experienced a life […]

365 Days of Dental Facebook Posts

with Rachel Mele

In this Webinar attendees will learn what to say and when to say it on Facebook, how to get patients […]

The Patient’s Journey: Capturing Them at Every Stage

with Almie Borromeo

Dental practices continuously strive for a deeper understanding of how prospective patients are influenced by a variety of marketing along […]

The Magic of a Self- Directed Team: The Keys to Creating Inspiration, Motivation and Results!

with Amy Morgan

In today’s competitive environment your patients are looking for an experience that goes beyond the clinical results and fully exceeds […]

How to Position Your Practice for Success in Local Search Results

with Naomi Ellis

You can always count on Google for one thing; a constant and steady stream of changes to local search. With […]

Seven Web Design Trends to Set Your Practice Apart in 2016

with Max Pedersen

Is your website scaring off new patients? According to Adobe’s 2015 State of Content survey involving over 2,000 participants, 38% […]

Advanced Search Engine Optimization: Dos & Don’ts

with Amy Sanford

In this onDemand webinar, attendees will learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advanced strategies with a focus on local search […]

Understanding SEO vs. SEM

with Laura Nadler

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can be a difficult concept to grasp. Both terms are used interchangeably, which […]

5 Ways To Convert Online “Shoppers” To Raving New Patients

with Dr. Ben Burris

The overwhelming adoption of the Internet by prospective patients has given rise to the online shopper—this is the person who […]

Answering the Five Most Important Social Media Questions for your Practice

with Phil Horton

Social Media is an ever-changing landscape. What was relevant a year or even a month ago may no longer even […]

New Patient Flow – It’s Science, Not Magic!

with Naomi Cooper

Have you ever wished you could just snap your fingers and magically turn on that “new patient flow?” If this […]

Top 3 Areas for Maximizing HIPAA Security Compliance in your Practice

with Debi Carr

Cyber attacks are a real threat to a private practice; we read about data breaches on a daily basis. Data […]

Risky Business

with Wendy Askins, BS, MBA, CFE

Embezzlement strikes more than three in five dentists in their careers; information on this subject is essential to every business […]

Standing Out from the Crowd

with Mick Sexton

The competition for new patients is greater than ever, and being regarded as an elite dental practice is critical to […]

Unique Content – Bring Your Office’s Personality to Social Media

with Megan Castillo & Tyler Harris

When it comes to social media do you find yourself asking – “What do I post to Facebook now” or […]

Digital Workflow – Beyond Paperless

with Larry Emmott, DDS

Paperless records are just the beginning; digital technology ultimately empowers dental team members with a more efficient – digital workflow […]

Reputation Management & Consumerism in Healthcare

with Andrea Pearson

Join Andrea Pearson, the CMO of Healthgrades, as she discusses reputation management in healthcare and also explores how other marketplaces […]

Best Practices for Collecting Patient Payments

with Michelle Dowling

It’s a new era in healthcare reimbursements and, as a result, collecting payments from your patients. Every provider and […]

Culminating In Customer Service: 8 Key Factors To Great Customer Service In An Orthodontic Practice

with Jill Allen

Have you ever wondered what makes one business successful and another business fail? After 25 years in the orthodontic industry […]

One Year to a Happier, More Motivated Team

with Ankur Gupta

In the opinion of this speaker, our professional happiness doesn’t come from the depth of our clinical knowledge or the […]

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