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6 Tips for Converting More Website Visitors into New Patients

with Michael Fitterer

Michael FittererVisitors to your website hold some level of interest in your practice. Sometimes they just need some more obvious guidance […]

7 Ways to Increase Practice Revenue

with Michelle Dowling

Watch OnDemand as Michelle Dowling delves into what your practice should be doing to streamline the revenue cycle and ultimately elevate […]

8 Features Your Practice’s Website Must Have

with Jonathan Rodda

There are many competing practices patients can choose from in most markets.

That’s why offering current and prospective patients a great […]

911 Observation Rescue

with Jill Allen

How are you looking at observation appointments in your office? Are they a hassle? Still in the clinic? An investment? […]

Actionable Tips for Ensuring Your Practice is Highly Visible Online

with Craig Hocking

Excellent online visibility is increasingly crucial for building a successful practice. Now, more than ever, a practice’s online presence plays […]

Aiding Practice Growth With Virtual Consultation & Other Next-Level Site Features

with Marshall Perez

Prospective patients are busier than ever before. If your practice cannot interact virtually, you will lose out on opportunities for […]

Are you taking advantage of Google My Business?

with Tyler Carter, Technology and Management

Are prospective patients finding your business on Google? Through Google My Business (GMB), you can update your practice information and […]

Best Practices for Collecting Patient Payments

with Michelle Dowling

It’s a new era in healthcare reimbursements and, as a result, collecting payments from your patients. Every provider and […]

Blogging Essentials

with Laura J. Nadler

Laura J. NadlerIf blogging isn’t part of your marketing strategy, then Google isn’t giving you the love you need. Tune in to […]

Build Your Brand through Patient Appeal Websites & Social Media

with Almie Borromeo

This webinar takes an in-depth look at websites that appeal to patients and trends that will set your brand apart […]

Build, Manage, and Maintain Your Online Presence

with Tyler Carter, Technology and Management

In this webinar, learn how to efficiently establish and manage your digital footprint through a systematic approach that is built […]

Culminating In Customer Service: 8 Key Factors To Great Customer Service In An Orthodontic Practice

with Jill Allen

Have you ever wondered what makes one business successful and another business fail? After 25 years in the orthodontic industry […]

Delivering Exceptional Experiences In and Out of the Office

with Corey Schwitz, MBA

In an increasingly competitive environment, your practice can’t just compete on price – you need to differentiate with incredible experiences […]

Financial Decisions the Dentist Must Get Right: Real World Answers to Dentistry’s Tough Financial Questions

with Charles Loretto

In this content-rich, interactive course, learn proven formulas behind building wealth, tax strategies to improve cash flow, plus the short- […]

Finding Your Voice on Social Media Platforms

with Jill Allen

From finding your “voice” to promoting it effectively, there are many ways to keep your current and future patients excited […]

Firing and Hiring

with Jill Allen

Deciding to make an employee change can be challenging and stressful for many doctors, but having the wrong team member […]

Great Tools + Strategies for Developing Social Media Content

with Laura J. Nadler

Laura J. NadlerComing up with great content themes and collateral for your practice can be a massive challenge. Without direction and supportive […]

How do your patients really feel about your website?

with Marshall Perez

You put in extra hours at your practice, spoke with your colleagues and friends, finally the day has arrived and […]

Instagram 101: Creating an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy for your Business

with Michelle Hammond

In the last couple of years, Instagram has become a huge online platform for businesses. In fact, the latest stats […]

Keeping Patients Engaged Between Checkups

with Laura J. Nadler

Laura J. NadlerSo, your patient just had a great hygiene visit and they’re re-appointed for 6 months.

Now what? How do we keep […]

Leveraging Social Media Advertising to Grow Your Practice

with Phil Horton & Adrian Vargas

Social Media platforms are increasingly switching to pay-to-play models. Gaining access to the wealth of audiences and data they provide […]

Live Chat – Reaching a New Peak in Patient Communications

with Erik Pyykonen

Good impressions are everything. How do you successfully interact with existing patients and appeal to news ones even when the […]

Localized SEO: Generate More Visibility in an Ever-Changing Market

with Craig Hocking

Are you worried about losing out on prospective patients because nobody can find your website? In this webinar, we will […]

Location Matters: Identifying Website vs. Social Media Content

with Phil Horton

Certain types of information belong on a practice’s website while other content is best suited for social media posting.
Knowing what […]

Making Facebook Videos with No Video Experience

with Aaron Jin

As it gets harder to attract new customers, businesses and marketers are turning to Facebook video to catch people’s attention. […]

Marketing Mastery

with Jill Allen

Watch OnDemand as Jill Allen from Jill Allen and Associates discusses how to become a marketing master for your practice.

Learn how to […]

Maximizing Your Paid Digital Advertising Efforts

with Michael Fitterer

Michael FittererNot all Pay-Per-Click (PPC) efforts are created equally. Is your practice actively engaged in PPC advertising or considering it? If […]

One Year to a Happier, More Motivated Team

with Ankur Gupta

In the opinion of this speaker, our professional happiness doesn’t come from the depth of our clinical knowledge or the […]

Patient Demographics: The Key to Setting Your Treatment Coordinator’s Financial Boundaries

with Jill Allen

Predetermining your treatment coordinator’s financial boundaries is a requisite for building your practice’s financial success.

Have you ever considered how your […]

Putting the “Pro” into your Financial Protocols

with Jill Allen

Learn our tips, tricks, and expertise on the financial coordinating role within an orthodontic practice. During this webinar, we will […]

Relieve the Ache of Patient Payments

with Michelle Dowling

Watch OnDeamnd as Michelle Dowling, from TSYS, discusses what your office should be doing today to relieve the ache of […]

Social Media Advertising Strategy + Benefits

with Phil Horton

Unlocking all of the best demographic targeting and features in social media requires a pay-to-play approach.

In this webinar, Sesame’s Sr. […]

Some Things in Life Are Just Wrong: Don’t Let Your Insurance Participation Be One of them!

with Jill Allen

Want to learn more about the differences between In and Out of Network Insurances? Want to know how you can get […]

Tag – You’re It! How to Effectively Use #hashtags on Social Media

with Laura J. Nadler

Laura J. NadlerHashtags. You see them across all social networks. But have you ever wondered what they are? In this webinar, I’ll cover […]

Telling Your Story – Using Video and Blogging for Greater Impact

with Laura J. Nadler

Laura J. NadlerAt a moment when messaging is so important, this webinar covers learning to use two longer format platforms to share […]

The Ones That Get Away…

with Jill Allen

Not every new patient is going to convert into a start the same day, so how do you handle the […]

The Patient Experience and its Impact on Practice Profitability

with Michelle Dowling

Watch OnDemand as Michelle Dowling continues the conversation about patients and discusses how the patient experience impacts your practice’s revenue. […]

Tips for Making Your Website Easily Found by Prospective Patients

with Naomi Newell

Naomi NewellIn most markets, prospective patients have many dental care options. That’s why giving the search engines like Google and Bing […]

Transition Options in Dentistry: What Are My Options?

with Fred Heppner

Do you wonder, what are my transition options in dentistry? Do I start from scratch? buy-in? associate? partner?

In this webinar, […]

Understanding Technical SEO and What It Does for You

with John Lee

As a business owner, you know the importance of Google and ranking on the first page. You know that SEO […]

Unique Content – Bring Your Office’s Personality to Social Media

with Megan Castillo & Tyler Harris

When it comes to social media do you find yourself asking – “What do I post to Facebook now” or […]

What is a dental practice really worth? Going about it the right way!

with Fred Heppner

Determining the value of any business is best performed using proper methods and accurate data. In this webinar, we will […]

What to Do with Negative Reviews

with Jill Allen

Ah, reviews! At their core, they are an extension of our marketing efforts and customer service goals. With every gleaming […]

Who is Winning? Setting up your practice for success in 2019.

with Michelle Dowling

How does your practice define success? In an age that focuses on the number of “likes” or “thumbs up”, sometimes […]

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