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A Strong Instagram Presence in the New Year

Feb 18 / by: Jennie Rogers

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to keep current with your social media platforms? Then you’re in luck! Today we are discussing how to best strategize for a strong Instagram presence. In the new year, Instagram continues to play an important, if not the most important, role for businesses investing time in social media for marketing purposes. This year […]
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Check Out Our New Office

Feb 06 / by: Alexis Mallos

We’re excited to announce that we’ve moved office locations! We’ve spent the last nine years located in Pioneer Square, directly across from CentruyLink Field and above Elysian Fields Restaurant. Our SoDo office served our team well, we made some amazing memories and created amazing services and products for our member base there! With that said, we’re so excited to start […]
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Sesame Social Suite FAQs or: How to Stop Worrying and Excel at Social Media

Feb 04 / by: Adrian Vargas

One of the greatest, but also most terrifying, aspects of social media is the evolution of it. It’s ever-changing, never fitting into a singular mold for too long, allowing for creativity amongst its user base as well as the chance for originality to take center stage. In theory, it sounds spectacular, but putting it into practice, especially when you’re new […]
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Using Your Blog to Improve Your SEO

Jan 29 / by: Phil Horton

Blogs are everywhere. They are a must for Fortune 500 companies—even for your local foodie discussing their recent dumpling experience and why you should or shouldn’t try them. Blogs are the perfect place for you to further distinguish your brand voice. Whether you use it to discuss trends in your industry or just share a cool experience you or your […]
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Building Your First Holiday Campaign of 2019

Jan 22 / by: Alexis Mallos

When you think of February, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s most likely not President’s Day. However, I bet you’re thinking about love, hearts and boxes of candy, that’s right—good ‘ol Valentine’s Day. With only 23 days, a few hours, and even less seconds till the big day, give or take when you read this blog, it’s […]
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SEO Risks to Take and Risks to Avoid

Jan 21 / by: Phil Horton

While no one outside of Google officially knows the exact algorithm to make a website rank well, SEO professionals spend countless hours hypothesizing, testing, and implementing strategies where they see success. Many of these are obvious: original content, correct business information, and meaningful backlinks, to name a few. But what is there beyond these best practices that might help give […]
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How Personalized Search Results Impact Rankings

Jan 14 / by: Rebekah McBride

Welcome to the age of personalized search! Over the past few years Google has been feverishly updating their search technology to create a more custom and rich user experience for local business owners and their customers. While these changes make it easier for customers to find local, relevant businesses they love, it makes it a bit harder for business owners […]
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Setting Digital Marketing Goals for 2019

Jan 10 / by: Alexis Mallos

As a marketing professional, I am always looking for new ways to grow and build on my understanding of marketing. I do that by reading online marketing blogs and networking with other marketing professionals. This year, I’ve decided to really invest in reading educational books surrounding the marketing space. We’re ever-evolving in this field and I am thirsty for knowledge […]
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