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Is Your Practice Ready For Snapchat?

Jun 09 / by: Scott George

Nowadays it’s difficult to keep track of the numerous social media platforms that seem to come and go. We could list a bunch of them off, but there’s a chance that by the time this publishes, the platforms may already be taken down. However, there’s one social media platform that became prominent just a few years ago, and it’s still […]
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Data Breach Coverage Matters More Than You May Know

Jun 01 / by: TSYS

Merchants and all other parties involved in electronic transactions have to take every precaution to protect all entities from identity theft and fraud resulting from payment security breaches. If you accept credit card payments, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) should be adhered to as your first line of defense for protection. PCI DSS requirements are designed […]
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Ransomware – Are you ready?

May 25 / by: Debi Carr

When your computer locks up with a ransomware screen, the emotions kick in. Actually panic kicks in. Where is my data? Do I have a good back up? What is my first appointment tomorrow? Who owes money? Of course the focus quickly becomes recovering and restoring the data. It is not a matter of IF you will have a data […]
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Debunking Common SEO Myths

May 19 / by: Rebekah McBride

As machine learning and artificial intelligence improves, search engines are getting better at providing the most informative answers to ambiguous queries. Whether you’re looking for a new dentist or the best dumpling place within fifteen minutes of your office, a business with a strong SEO presence will always have the advantage of standing out online. And while search engine optimization can […]
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How to Claim a Local Listing

May 12 / by: Tyler Carter

Citations, Local Directories, Local Listings, Business listings, whatever you call it, it’s important to know it matters. Local Listings are the foundation of your local SEO efforts; without it, Google would not know where your practice is, what services you offer, and ultimately whether or not to show you in the search results. Yet, they are often overlooked or worst […]
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The Benefits Of Blogging

May 04 / by: Sarah Masson

There’s a reason why having a blog is now a necessary component for a website. Actually, there are several reasons. Having a blog hosted on your practice’s site can generate a large amount of new patients over time. How does this work? Let’s take a look: With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics, the content on your […]
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Balancing Effective Patient Communication with Privacy

Apr 18 / by: Dimitri Rabinovich

A key part of the relationship between the dental practice and the patient is trust. A dental practice wants (and has to) make sure that all communications that relate to a patient are as secure as they can be. This applies to everything from the practice website to messages between doctors about a patient. Nowadays, patients are increasingly concerned about […]
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Hop On The Video Train

Apr 14 / by: Sarah Masson

If you haven’t already noticed, video has become the latest and greatest asset when it comes to social media. All of the largest social platforms have hopped on the video train in the last year—quickly focusing their attention on this interactive, and connective strategy. Video is now a core aspect of networks like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. So when […]
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Trending Topics

Mar 28 / by: Sarah Masson

Our Social team is always keeping up with the best practices so that we can help our clients stay on track with their social media management. Naturally, a big part of managing your social media comes down to patient retention. How do you keep existing patients engaged with you online? How do you attract new ones? The answer is simple: […]
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