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Why Should you be Optimizing your Video Content on Social Media? 

Feb 17 / by: Marie Dubray

Instagram recently announced that they are putting more of a priority on photo content and carousels at the start of this year. Because of that, video content, such as Reels will no longer be pushed through the algorithm.  With this change, a lot of creators will need to learn how to optimize their Reels to ensure their content is still […]
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Tips to Optimize Engagement on Your Posts in 2023

Feb 07 / by: Marie Dubray

In the past, we’ve talked about engagement and how important it is to your social media presence. What we haven’t touched on is how to encourage people to engage with your posts on social media. You’re putting a considerable amount of time and effort into creating content that you are proud of for your platforms, so it is only fair […]
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2022 SEO Trends to Improve your 2023 Search Results

Jan 24 / by: Marie Dubray

With all the changes that happened within the SEO industry last year, we wanted to highlight a few of the most important trends that you should keep in mind for 2023. Let’s go through some of the top trends that we have seen and help you optimize your website for better rankings and traffic! Update your Content Having current website […]
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Understanding Your Search Report

Jan 17 / by: Marie Dubray

With our SEO and Social Services, you get monthly reports that go over how your website and social platforms are performing. You can see how your results have improved month-over-month, see what website pages are the most visited, as well as determine the ROI for your different paid campaigns. You can always reach out to our teams to review your […]
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8 Content Ideas for 2023

Jan 10 / by: Marie Dubray

2022, is officially over and we are now in 2023! This means the birth of new social media trends, another opportunity to start fresh with your strategy, and a new year to create exciting and engaging content. But what if you’re stuck and don’t know what content to create? Don’t worry, you have Sesame’s social media Team here to help! […]
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3 Social Media Goals to Set in 2023

Jan 03 / by: Marie Dubray

  It’s the start of a new year and with a new beginning comes plenty of opportunities to grow your social media presence. In today’s blog, we will go over our top 3 goals that we think your practice should be focusing on in 2023.   Increase Your Engagement Engagement is how your audience interacts with your content. This could […]
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That’s so Meta: Facebook vs Instagram and What to Post on Each

Dec 20 / by: Jason Martin

Facebook and Instagram are two popular social media platforms that have different features and audiences. Understanding the differences between the two can help businesses and individuals determine what to post on each platform for maximum engagement and reach. Facebook vs Instagram Facebook is a more general social networking platform that allows users to connect with friends, family, and customers to […]
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15 Blog Topics that Your Practice can be Posting All Year  

Dec 07 / by: Marie Dubray

Consistently posting on your social media has many benefits for your practice, but did you know that consistently posting to your website’s blog is just as important?  With our Sesame Social service, we have you covered with weekly posts. In order to maximize your organic traffic, we recommend 3-5 blog posts a week. We cover this in-depth in our post […]
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How to Know Which Keywords to Target in Your SEO Strategy

Nov 15 / by: admin

What Are Keywords & Why Are They Important?  Keywords are the words or phrases that online users type into a search engine, like Google, to find results. By aligning the content of your website with relevant keywords of your target audience, it’s possible to appear, or rank, in search engine results, earning your website more traffic and more business. How […]
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Social Media’s Impact on SEO

Nov 08 / by: Tyler Harris

Building a strong social media strategy is important to create a healthy online community.  A successful social media strategy can also have a positive impact on your office’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Keep reading to learn how!  Brand Awareness  Sharing content on various social media platforms helps increase brand awareness, which in turn helps boost online visibility and increase website traffic. […]
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