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Ranking for Multiple Keywords with One Piece of Content

Oct 23 / by: John Lee

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is primarily known as the practice of using keywords and search terms to rank higher in search engine results. What most people may not know is the different techniques marketing professionals use with keywords or targeting keywords. Keywords are simply phrases you and I would type into a search engine to describe what we’re  looking for. […]
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Keeping Up With Social Media Trends

Oct 16 / by: Michelle Hammond

Whether you work in online marketing or it’s simply part of your marketing plan for your business, there’s no denying that staying informed is the name of the game. With updates happening constantly and new features being released across different platforms left and right, it’s important to know how these changes affect you and how you can use them to […]
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Exciting New Features for your Sesame System!

Oct 12 / by: James Johnson

At Sesame, we’ve been hard at work adding new and improved capabilities to your reminder system. Check out some of our newest features below. Smart Feedback Building your reputation online with genuine patient reviews is an essential step in marketing your practice to potential new patients. With our new automated Smart Feedback feature, it is now easier than ever to […]
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Why It’s Time to Start Utilizing User-Generated Content

Oct 05 / by: Adrian Vargas

Best practices on social media are constantly evolving. We’ve seen large strides in various practices such as celebrity endorsers, micro influencers, and customer advocates over the last five years. The big component that ties these three together? User-generated content (UGC). Lately, organic content is taking a backseat and its ability to produce significant reach is dwindling. Not only that, the […]
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Marketing Your Practice Like a Professional

Sep 26 / by: Alexis Mallos

Marketing is the perfect blend of art and science. It’s an art because we create beautiful infographics, well-crafted content, and catchy titles with beautiful CTA (call to action) buttons. It’s a science because of all the data that we can collect about peoples actions, when they read the well-crafted content, or click on the beautiful CTA button. The question on […]
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Trending Dental Hashtags

Sep 20 / by: Jennie Rogers

Creating a social media strategy which engages not only your current followers but helps reach new ones is all about honing in on your target audience. So how exactly do you find the particular audience you’re searching for? One of the strongest ways to do this is through  the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to reach the […]
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What’s First Call Again?

Sep 13 / by: Michelle Hammond

If you’re a Sesame member, you probably remember hearing about First Call when you were given an overview of your services. You may also recognize the name as the heading of a section that comes up in your monthly progress reports. It’s also very possible that you may not remember what First Call actually is, or what it does. Well, […]
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Three Ways to Make Content That Matters

Sep 10 / by: Aaron Jin

It’s the question on everybody’s mind: what am I supposed to post on Facebook? To answer that question, let’s start by exploring why people use Facebook. Facebook is the most widely-used social media platform in the United States. Facebook’s mission is to build communities and bring people together. Anyone can share and receive personal updates to connect with friends and […]
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But What About Pinterest and LinkedIn?

Aug 28 / by: Michelle Hammond

There are so many great platforms on social media that allow you to build your business’ presence online. Some are pretty straightforward: Instagram is for photos, Facebook is your home base (i.e. the easiest way to communicate with your patients), and Twitter is for being part of a conversation (especially helpful for businesses who offer some form of product-specific customer […]
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Text With Your Patients From Your Website

Aug 16 / by: Alexis Mallos

You’re a tech savvy doctor who has moved your practice into the 21st century. You’ve been advised over the past few years about the need to send text message reminders to your patients. You may not know it, but it shouldn’t be surprising that 97% of adults in the USA text weekly, and that text messages have a 98% open […]
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