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Facebook Reviews: The Good and The Bad

Apr 09 / by: Caity McCarthy

As a business owner, you no doubt understand the value of customer feedback. With the help of social media, patients can easily leave a review about any type of product, service or website with the click of a few buttons. While every business owner hopes to receive nothing but positive reviews, the reality is you may need to deal with […]
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The Relationship between SEO and Your Search Engine

Apr 05 / by: Rebekah McBride

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. The relationship between SEO and search engines is symbiotic. Search engines such as Google continue to update their algorithm to provide the best experience for their customers, which means business owners have to match Google’s expectations. The necessity for business owners to keep up with the […]
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Are Instagram Stories the new Snapchat? Probably.

Apr 04 / by: Michelle Hammond

When Instagram stories first launched in August of 2016, many people doubted their ability to compete with Snapchat. In fact, a lot of people felt like it was a blatant rip-off that would never stick. Both platforms offer essentially the same concept: a quick video for your followers’ entertainment which disappears after 24 hours. They both offer color filters, the […]
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5 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Presence

Mar 23 / by: Caity McCarthy

Whether you’re an expert tweeter or brand new to the coop, Twitter can be a daunting territory to master. The proper tools and practices can help you network and engage with more patients in just 280 characters or less. Below, your Sesame social team shares five ways to increase your presence on Twitter and become a pro in the Twitterverse. […]
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My Engagement Has Been Ruff! What Should I Do Meow?

Mar 21 / by: Scott George

It may seem that with your Facebook page, you’ve been through it all. Birthdays, anniversaries, the Harlem Shake. At this point you’re probably thinking, what is left to do to keep people interested in coming to your page on a consistent basis? Well, there’s a chance that your furry friends could help you take your practice’s brand to the next […]
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How to Use Content Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Mar 19 / by: Alexis Mallos

As a successful business owner, your goals of providing amazing patient care and growing your practice likely have not changed over the years. However, as the marketing world continues to shift online, ensuring your practice stands out among the competition becomes more of a challenge. Traditional marketing has become less prevalent to make way for a new type of marketing […]
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Google 360 Tours

Mar 16 / by: Shaylee Moultray

You may have heard about Google 360 Tours or have been approached by a Trusted Google Photographer about creating one for your practice. But the question remains: what are they and are they a good investment for your practice? A Google 360 Tour allows you to invite your customers into your practice for a virtual tour of your office. They […]
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Engage Your Audience with Instagram Stories

Mar 12 / by: Scott George

Since its launch  August 2016, Instagram stories have become a popular way to keep your followers in the know, in real time. You can add photos or videos to your story, and it will disappear within  24 hours of posting. Your followers can view your story in the 24-hour window and even have the option to reply to you directly. […]
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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Ideas

Mar 12 / by: Caity McCarthy

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to host a creative contest that gives back to your wonderful patients all while encouraging engagement with your online brand. Don’t worry, there’s no need to search for inspiration at the end of a rainbow – we’ve gathered these contest ideas that will easily get your patients […]
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