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Leveraging Insights to Optimize Social Media Posts

Oct 13 / by: Marie Dubray

Are you struggling to understand why some of your content pieces perform better than others? The solutions is to use your Insights! Insights can be found on Facebook or Instagram, and can easily paint a picture of your content’s performance. With the provided data,  you can determine what your audience is wanting to see from you. If your practice is […]
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5 Important Considerations when Building a Website

Sep 27 / by: Marie Dubray

With 89% of prospective patients online, an engaging website is a must!  However, there are several steps that web designers and developers must go through to create a functional yet appealing website.  In this blog post, I will cover some of our top considerations when Sesame creates a new website.  Stay Consistent with Your Branding A well-branded site allows for […]
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Creating a Social Media Contest

Sep 20 / by: Nicole Gamble

So, you want to run a social media contest? You’ve come to the right place! This blog post is intended to provide your practice with a step-by-step process for creating a social media contest. Let’s start with the basics. Before you build your contest, you must determine what kind of contest you plan to run. This will help you determine […]
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Social Media Contests 101

Sep 13 / by: Nicole Gamble

Is your practice looking to gain more followers? Maybe you’re trying to increase your social media engagement? Maybe your practice wants content from your patients?  If one or all of these apply to you, your practice may benefit from hosting a contest on social media. What do you need to know before posting a contest? What type of contest should […]
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3 Tips for Allocating a Budget to Your Social Ads

Sep 07 / by: Marie Dubray

  By now, you know the differences between Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and which platform is best for your practice. Your next question is probably, how much money should I be spending advertising on my social platforms? In this post, we will cover three best practices to help you determine your social media advertising budget. Evaluate All Past Campaigns Any […]
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Facebook vs. Instagram Ads – A Selection Guide

Aug 24 / by: Marie Dubray

In our previous blog we briefly touched on the topic of what social media platforms are best for advertising your Practice. While advertising on as many platforms as possible will maximize visibility, it isn’t something that is in every practice’s budget. In this post, I’ll be covering the differences and benefits of Facebook and Instagram’s advertising platforms in order to […]
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Facebook Ad vs Instagram Ads

Aug 16 / by: Marie Dubray

Let’s talk about social ads. As many of you know, many social media platforms offer advertising as an option for their clients. And it’s no secret how advertising on these platforms can be profitable for your practice. But you probably have questions about where to begin, how to set up your ads, and which platform to use. In this blog […]
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5 Tips to Take Better Photos and Videos on Your Phone

Aug 09 / by: Marie Dubray

  Creating content can be a bit daunting – especially if you don’t have professional equipment or don’t know how to use your equipment. Luckily, you don’t need a fancy camera to create engaging content for your social media profiles. It’s true, all you need is a smartphone!   In this blog post, I’ll cover 5 tips to help you to […]
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What is Shadow Banning and How to Avoid It

Aug 02 / by: Jason Martin

Have you scrolled through social media and noticed that posts from a particular user don’t appear as often as they once did or maybe they don’t appear at all? It is a possibility that the account may have been shadow banned. Shadow banned accounts are put into a “shadow” mode meaning only the user posting can see their content and […]
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5 Content Ideas to Level Up Your Social Media this Summer

Jul 26 / by: Marie Dubray

  Are you struggling to come up with fresh and new content for your social media accounts? If so, we’re going to give you five content ideas that your practice can use to level up your presence this summer!   Share Important News! Have you moved locations? Have you added a new doctor to the practice? Have you introduced a new service? […]
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