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Sesame’s COVID-19 Resource Page Overview

Mar 19 / by: admin
Sesame COVID-19 Resources Your Practice Can Access

COVID-19 has forced us to change how we conduct our daily business and even how we interact with each other. During times of uncertainty, it’s critical that we can effectively communicate with our patients to help them deal with any disruption it has on their planned dental care – and continue to provide a quality patient experience.  COVID-19 Resource Page […]
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Using Instagram to Book Appointments

Apr 13 / by: Phil Horton

Social media is a fantastic way to interact with both current and prospective patients. As social media has become more ingrained in our daily lives, consumers have come to expect more—especially from businesses. If they take the time to comment on a post, they expect a comment or interaction back. If they send you a private message, they expect a […]
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Stop Wasting Ad Budget – Use Negative Keywords

Apr 06 / by: Michael Fitterer
Save Money Using Negative Keywords

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there is a TON of information on the Internet!  That means that sometimes people searching for something get results that are, well, not what they’re looking for.  Sesame Communications provides a useful example. There is a very famous children’s tv program with the name “Sesame” in it and there are also many “sesame seed” […]
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6 Quick and Effective Facebook Content Ideas

Mar 30 / by: Jennie Rogers
Social Posting Ideas

Creating and sharing engaging content is the foundation of a successful social media presence. The more authentic, informative, and eye-catching your content is, the more your online audience will engage with it.  Stumped on what you should post? Keep reading to get 6 Facebook content ideas you can use right now!    Patient Testimonials – Online reviews are great, but […]
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3 Tips for Connecting with Your Patients via Social Media

Mar 23 / by: Jennie Rogers
Social Media Suggestions

Utilizing social media to stay in touch with your patients outside of the office is essential for not only keeping them in the loop on your latest updates but also for establishing a strong and loyal fan base.  In this blog post, I will cover 3 ways in which you can easily become a better community builder all while helping […]
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3 Benefits of Having an Active Facebook Business Profile

Mar 16 / by: Nicole Gamble
Facebook Profile

Phone books and print advertisements are becoming a thing of the past. The internet gives people massive amounts of information in seconds. When it comes to getting additional information about a business and confirming its credibility, people typically first turn to a practice’s website followed by their social media profiles.  Facebook is the biggest social media platform in use. There […]
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5 Ways a Great Website Attracts New Patients

Mar 08 / by: Michael Fitterer
Website Design

Websites are not created equal. A great site will provide the digital foundation for attracting prospective patients. A bad website will dissuade people from learning more.  That’s why ensuring your practice’s website is truly top-notch is a necessary business decision. Within this post, I’ll cover 5 key ways in which having a great website will help drive new patients to […]
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Why Your Practice Should Have a Blog

Mar 02 / by: Michael Fitterer
Why Blogging is Important

The correlation between attracting new patients to your practice and having a blog that gets regularly updated isn’t totally obvious. At face value, coming up with ideas for relevant blog posts and writing them is a time-intensive process. The rewards aren’t immediately apparent, either.  Yet, I’m writing to tell you that maintaining a blog IS a great marketing tool for […]
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Info Prospective Patients Need to Find on Your Website

Feb 09 / by: Naomi Newell
Website Formula Elements

Let’s assume a prospective patient has landed on your site and you’ve caught their attention with the design. Next, they’ll be looking for very specific information about your practice. The content on your site is going to play a deciding role in whether or not the person wants to reach out to your practice.  Sesame recently evaluated site traffic for […]
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3 Website Elements Visitors Look for Immediately

Feb 02 / by: Naomi Newell
Most Important Website Design Elements

Your website needs to represent your practice well. Just like Apple or Nike, your practice is also a brand. It’s up to you to determine how your brand should be portrayed.  Existing patients know and trust your qualifications. Yet, with an abundance of competition in most markets prospective patients need access to information before making a decision. In this post […]
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Understanding + Using Google My Business Insights

Jan 26 / by: Aliah Rasmussen
Google My Business Optimization

The Insights panel found within the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard provides business owners with customer engagement data gathered from their GMB listing. This data can inform practices on what’s working and what isn’t with their profile so that they can, in turn, optimize in order to get more clicks and visibility from prospective patients.  Upon signing into your GMB […]
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