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    7 Types of Short Form Video Content You Can Begin Leveraging Now 

    7 Types of Short Form Video Content You Can Begin Leveraging Now

    Short-form video is growing faster than ever and if you want to keep up with competitors, it is the best way to make you stand out on social media. 

    Check out our top 7 types of short-form video ideas that you can start creating today! 

    Tools Needed to Create Short-Form Video Content 

    There are a few things that you need to do before you begin creating content for your socials. Number one, we suggest making sure you have a Facebook/Instagram, Tik Tok, and/or a YouTube account. Each of these platforms will allow you to post short-form video content. And if you’re on all three platforms you’ll have a bigger reach. 

    The next thing we suggest doing is getting something to record your videos. A smartphone is all that is necessary, however if you have access to a quality camera, that is also a great option. 

    And finally, you’ll need somewhere to edit the photos. There are plenty of free tools that you can utilize when editing your video content. We like to use Canva or edit the content directly on the platform. 

    Service Demonstrations 

    Service demonstrations are a great way to keep your followers engaged in your content. Many people don’t know what to expect when it comes to certain services or procedures that are offered at their dental office. 

    By providing your audience with this type of content you can educate them on when they will need these services and procedures done as well as help take some of the anxieties away. 


    • Getting your Invisalign Set-Up Correctly 
    • See What Tools we use for Teeth Cleaning 
    • Go through our Dental Cleaning Process with Us 

    Product Tutorials 

    Product tutorials are similar to service demonstrations, however, with this type of content you’ll be talking about different products that you trust. Trust is a keyword here because you don’t want to advertise products you wouldn’t use yourself. 

    If you are working with a brand, this is also a great opportunity for you to suggest making content for them in exchange for visibility on their platform. Not only can this help bring in new patients but it will solidify your expertise in your field as well. 


    • See how your Dentist Recommends Brushing your Teeth 
    • The Proper Way to Use Different Flossing Tools 

    Behind the Scenes 

    People love behind-the-scenes content, why do you think everyone waits until the end of a movie in the theater to watch the bloopers? 

    Your office can be doing the same! All you need to do is film the things you are already doing. If you have an appointment, talk to the patient and see if they are comfortable being on camera. If they are, film a video of you doing a dental checkup. 

    You can also choose to take the less serious route to this type of content. For example, if you guys do a staff lunch every Monday, you can document that and get your audience to see what they are missing out on. It’ll get them to come back for more content every week. 


    • Day In the Life of your Dentist 
    • Inside Jokes in the Office 

    Educational Videos 

    People love educational videos, especially if they know they have been missing this information. If you want to trend in this category, we just sharing tips and tricks that may not already be on the internet, or if they are make sure not everyone is talking about them. 

    Educational content is another way to show your audience that you know what you’re talking about. This can help you bring in new patients as well. 


    • 4 Ways to Check for Gum Disease at Home  
    • Tips to Maintain your Oral Health in between Appointments  
    • X Ways to get your child excited about Brushing their Teeth  

    Brand Challenge 

    Short-form video content has evolved since it first gained popularity. Today brands can create their trendy audios, filters, and challenges. 

    You can use brand challenges to your advantage by creating something for your audience to engage with. This can be a contest, a sound, a concept, and many other options. This will help bring us to the next topic of User-Generated Content. 


    • #ShowOffyourSmileSaturday 
    • Contests that get your patients to acknowledge your brand 

    User-Generated Content 

    The idea of User-Generated Content (UGC) is getting content that is already created by someone else but relates to your practice. In this case, this could be your patients coming in and creating content about your practice, the services you offer, and your team members. 

    If you are having trouble finding any UGC for your practice, there are a few ways that you can encourage your patients to participate. You can start by putting up a QR code in your lobby that takes your patients directly to your Google My Business and Facebook pages where they can leave reviews about your practice. 

    If you are looking for more visual content, try incentivizing UGC. This could be putting on a contest, where everyone needs to submit a video review about you (or anything else relating to your practice). Or setting up a hashtag for your patients to tag their posts with. 


    • Patient Dental Routine 
    • Trending Content with Patients 
    • A video montage of Testimonials and Reviews 

    Company Culture 

    People love company culture. Really in any industry, this content is the content that tends to perform the best because you are humanizing your brand. 

    Company culture videos can be a great way to create fun and goofy content. You’ll see that many creators on social media tend to use trending sounds and skits and incorporate different team members to create this type of content. 


    • Meet our Team 
    • Trending Content and Audio 
    • What is your Dentist’s Dental Routine 

    3 Creators Who have Mastered Short Form Video Content 

    If you’re still unsure about how to start your short-form video content journey, we suggest looking at these dental professionals who have an established audience and have worked hard to come up with relatable and engaging content. 

    We like that they have a mix of different types of content, and this is something you should aim for. Yes, creating educational videos is important for your brand but you also want to show your fun and humorous side too! 

    If you try out any of our ideas, make sure to tag @sesamecommunications on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your posts! 

    —Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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