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    Free Tools to Get You Started on Making Video Content

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    Over the last few years, video content has become increasingly more popular on social media due to its ability to convey a message or idea quickly and effectively. Video content is often more engaging and entertaining than text or image content, which can help capture a user’s attention.  

    Creating video content can seem like a daunting task, but with the help of many of the internet’s free tools, this process is much more straightforward than one might expect. Utilizing these tools will help you elevate your social media and can even result in increased engagement on your content.  

    Below are a few free video editors that we recommend for getting started with creating videos with some pros and cons of each! 


    Download Here

    If you are working on an Apple Mac computer, this is a great free tool to utilize. It offers an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop editing capabilities, as well as a range of effects and filters.  

    With iMovie, you can easily trim, cut, split, merge, rotate and duplicate clips, as well as add music, voice-overs, and text animations. This app has multi-device functionality, meaning you can work on your project on both your iPhone and Mac computer. 


    Download Here

    Similar to iMovie, Clipchamp is another popular video editor that is popularly used on most Microsoft operating systems. It is easy to use and has a lot of features you would expect and want from a video editor.  

    This video maker is beginner-friendly that has a drag-and-drop interface but you can also utilize more advanced video editing features such as cutting, cropping and resizing video footage, as well as recording your screen and through your webcam.

    Vimeo Create 

    Download Here

    Another great, free video editor is Vimeo Create. This tool is simple to use and makes creating videos a breeze. Vimeo’s library of over 10 million videos provides a great resource for video editors to find clips, music, and sound effects. It also has thousands of premade templates for easy implementation.   

    Vimeo Create has a simple timeline-based interface that makes it easy to arrange and preview your video. It also offers a range of professional editing tools, such as color correction, video stabilization, and audio mixing. 

    Canva Video Editor 

    Download Here

    The Canva Video Editor is a great tool for creating professional-looking videos quickly and easily. It has a wide range of features that allow you to customize and create stunning visuals for your videos.  

    Canva has a vast library of free music and sound effects you can utilize as well. Canva also connects directly to our Sesame Social Posting Suite, making it easy to add your video content to your scheduler! 

    Adobe Premiere Rush 

    Download Here

    Adobe has a tool that tis more specifically geared towards social media content creators. The export settings make it easy to export clips directly to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  

    The program provides tools for cutting and joining video fragments, color correction, and other settings. It has enough features for most basic video edits, from transitions to color adjustments and basic text overlays. 

    In-app Video Editors 

    Most social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) have their own built in video editors that we also recommend taking advantage of. These editors are more basic compared to others, but they get the job done effectively and efficiently. One of the biggest pros of editing videos on social networks directly is the ability to share the edited videos quickly and easily with friends and family. 

    Final Thoughts

    Video editing is an invaluable tool for creating stunning, professional videos. It allows you to take raw footage and turn it into something special. Utilizing these video editing tools will help you create polished, high-quality videos that are sure to impress viewers.

    And if you are new to editing video footage we suggest you start off with the free versions of these tools to learn. When you are ready to make the commitment and really start to improve your video content, upgrade to the paid version to unlock even more features.

    As always, do not be afraid to have fun with your videos. Show your office’s personality and be creative — this will make your video more memorable and engaging! 

    —Tyler Harris, Lead Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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