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    8 Tips to Clean Up Your Social Media Pages This Spring

    As the weather gets warmer and we start to do our spring cleaning, it’s important to not forget about our digital lives too. While cleaning up your social media pages may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, when it comes to staying relevant and updating all your information, it’s important to take steps to give your social media a spring cleaning too.

    In today’s blog, we will be discussing tips and tricks for decluttering your social media pages and creating a more polished and professional online presence. And don’t forget, the Sesame Social Team is also here to help with any additional social media spring cleaning as well!

    Tip #1. Delete any old or irrelevant posts, photos, or comments that no longer represent your practice.

    This is by far one of the most important tips to consider. Clogging your feed with a ton of irrelevant content will hurt your social media presence more than it will help.

    Review your posts and determine if they still align with your practice. If you have any photos of employees who are no longer with the practice, delete them. If you are no longer running certain promotions but still have them up on your feed, delete them. Everything that can no longer benefit how you show your practice on social media should be removed.

    The same goes with comments. If you see any comments on posts that may be spam or unnecessary, you can feel free to remove them.

    Tip #2. Check for broken links and outdated information — and update as necessary.

    This is more important for your “About” sections and bios on each of your accounts. It’s important for potential patients to be able to reach you and book an appointment with your practice. If links are outdated or no longer work, it will be very hard for them to reach out to you.

    Take some time to review that all the links on your social media pages are working and don’t lead to any dead ends. If they are no longer in service, delete them from your feed to avoid any confusion.

    Also update your contact information. While this should be done as soon as anything changes, sometimes it slips our minds, and we forget. Making sure you take some time every few months to review your contact information on your socials will be extremely helpful for both you and your patients.

    Another important part to update is your profile and header photos. Both are the visual elements to your branding on social media. Your profile photo should be your logo so that your profile is easily recognizable. Your header photo should be a photo from your website so you can carry over the branding from your website to create a more cohesive online presence.

    Tip #3. Unfollow or unfriend any accounts that no longer align with your interests or values.

    This may not be the biggest issue, but social media can get very overwhelming if you are following a ton of accounts, especially some that you may not even care to see content from.

    With Meta updating the algorithm so frequently, you may never see the content you actually want to see without unfollowing or unfriending pages that post irrelevant content. We’ve seen the addition of “Close Friends Stories” and a “Following Feed” as a way to combat all the unnecessary content and ads. However, these are not geared toward businesses and thus not the best option for your practice’s social accounts.

    Taking a bit of time to remove all these accounts will help free space on your feed, and it will also help make things less overwhelming.

    Tip #4. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your practice and services.

    This may go without saying, however, using high-quality images and videos is necessary to improve the overall aesthetic of your page. It will also provide your audience with a better idea as to who you are and what your practice can provide them with.

    And quality content demonstrates your commitment to your work and practice. All the images and video content that you put on your website, social media pages, ads and so on are a representation of your brand. Good design and imagery will show you’re professional and care about how your practice is perceived.

    Purchasing a professional camera may help a lot with creating this type of content, but it is not necessary. A smart phone with a good camera will work just fine. And if you need help learning to take photos on your smartphone, check out our blog post for a few tips.

    Tip #5. Consider creating separate personal and professional social media accounts.

    We see many people like to essentially merge their doctor and practice’s online presence into one. And while it’s good to have photos of the doctor and the practice on your social media, it is important to remember that these are two different brands.

    If you are a doctor and you’re looking to build your brand, you should do this separately from your practice. And the biggest reason for this is, if you decide to leave your practice, you don’t want to have to give up your online presence or take the practice’s.

    With that being said, you can still post very similar if not the exact same content on both of the accounts. We just recommend having two separate accounts if you are trying to grow two separate brands.

    Tip #6. Engaging in social media challenges and tagging friends

    Engaging in social media challenges and tagging friends can be a great boost of engagement for your account. Yes, it’s not technically spring cleaning by any means but it’s a great way to start the season off right.

    You can either put on your own contests and giveaways or participate in local businesses. If you are wanting to get a bigger community involved, try reaching out to some of your favorite local businesses to see if they are interested in cocreating a challenge for both of your social media accounts.

    Tip #7. Share positive content that resonates with your patients.

    Positive content such as reviews, success stories, testimonials and before-and-after photos are a great way to help clean up your content strategy.

    If you are finding yourself wanting to post more but unsure where to start and what content to create, add more positivity to your socials. This helps a lot if you already have an established platform where patients can share reviews, success stories and testimonials. And for before-and-after photos, you can assign this task to one person in the office and make it a habit to get these photos.

    From there, you’ll have a ton of positive content to choose from and incorporate into your strategy.

    Tip #8. Use social media analytics to track engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    Analytics can really help clean things up for future strategies. Instead of wasting your time on content that has shown time and time again to underperform, you can readjust your strategy to allocate more time on content that performs much better.

    This can also help you determine what posts to keep on your feed and what posts to remove. If something didn’t perform as well as another post, you should consider removing it, unless it is still relevant to your practice.

    Final Thoughts

    That wraps up this week’s blog post! We hope that these tips gave you some inspiration to help get the digital spring cleaning started.

    If you dedicate yourself to going through each of these steps, you’ll be sure to get it done in no time. And of course, if you are struggling with any of these steps, reach out to the Sesame Social Team so we can help troubleshoot any issues.

    —Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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