Social Media’s Impact on SEO

Building a strong social media strategy is important to create a healthy online community.  A successful social media strategy can also have a positive impact on your office’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Keep reading to learn how! 

Brand Awareness 

Sharing content on various social media platforms helps increase brand awareness, which in turn helps boost online visibility and increase website traffic. By posting content that your patients are likely to engage with, Google and other search engine algorithms can determine that the content you’re sharing is genuine and useful. In turn, that will help compel them to boost your practice’s positioning in relevant search results.   

Regular Blog Posting 

Weekly blog posts are a great way to increase your rankings. Search engines love to see small updates to your website every week. It shows indicates that your website is constantly being worked on and is actively being monitored, not just sitting dormant. When their crawlers index your website, they take blog views into account. By sharing your blog posts on social media networks, such as Facebook, you’re likely to draw more traffic to your website. Your patients will click on the blog post link on Facebook to go read the actual post on the website, increasing traffic and time on site. These are important factors Google and other search engines take into consideration when ranking your website within search results.  

Activity Matters 

Having a successful post on a social media platform, one that encourages interaction and engagement, shows search engines that you are an active business online. The next time a patient searches for you via their preferred search engine, Google will display your social media profiles in the results, which in turn can increase your visibility as well as your credibility in the eyes of Google.  Sharing knowledgeable, original content on your website can establish you as a trusted resource. For example, if you have a general blog post that gets many views if Google notices they may even display this to someone performing a general search about that topic, which can really impact visibility in a positive way.  

Diversify Content Including Video 

Various types of content can also play a role in determining your search rankings. Search engines love to see many forms of content on your website. As previously mentioned, having an active blog plays a huge role in your search results, but that’s not the only thing Google is looking for. Having YouTube videos embedded on your website, for example, can also see increases in your rankings. Simple videos like an “office tour” or “meet the doctor” can greatly improve the patient’s time on site, which search engines also love to see.  


Building trust and customer loyalty is a common goal of effective social media campaign. By doing so, you can reap more than just increased engagement on your social profiles – your search visibility can increase as well.  

Driving brand awareness and exposure are great indicators you’re a trusted, active source online, which search engines like Google will likely take into consideration when ranking your site. That’s why building both an effective social media and SEO strategy is such a necessity.  

If you’re looking to get more information on how our social service and the social suite can help you improve SEO, reach out to our team at 866-592-7572. 

—Tyler Harris, Lead Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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