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SEO Guide To A Google-friendly Site

So you want a Google-friendly site, you say? First, let’s change your mindset about SEO being a monthly war with your competition on where you rank. In reality, it is a local campaign that helps provide the best user experience for patients, which in turn can help put you ahead of competitors. Here are a couple tips from your Sesame […]
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Local Listing Rankings in SEO

Do you ever wonder how search engines think? How Google decides where to rank your practice on Google Maps? Well we have the answer; RankBrain. RankBrain is an “artificial intelligence” that attempts to mimic the way humans think. In a digital world where things are changing at lightning speed, search engines are designed to give the best results to the user. It is […]
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By: John Lee


Protecting Your Practice Online

Today’s patients are educated, tech savvy, and expect a certain level of privacy to be maintained when browsing the web. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, the Healthcare industry experienced a 272% increase in data breaches from 2015 to 2016. So how can you instill a level of trust online equal to what your patients experience while in your office? Start […]
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By: Tyler Carter


What makes a SOCIAL media campaign successful?

      Your business objectives and social media strategy go hand in hand. When thinking of your business objectives, consider how your social media presence can help you accomplish your goals. Do you want to attain new patients and/or keep existing ones? Would you like to gain more followers on your social pages? Create better relationships with existing patients? Choose […]
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By: Ryan Zwiefelhofer


#DIY With Your Own Practice Hashtag

It seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing a hashtag from movies, television, restaurants, even your local grocery store – they are everywhere. For those of you who don’t know, a hashtag is a simple keyword phrase that is spelled out with no spaces and a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, a hashtag we use […]
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By: Scott George


Sesame Attends SIC

Sesame Communications is committed to staying current with digital trends to ensure that we are providing our members with the best possible service. With that in mind, we recently sent our SEO and Social Media teams to the Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC). SIC draws the thousands of attendees from cutting-edge businesses and leading brands, based in the Northwest and around […]
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By: Phil Horton


Sesame at MozCon!

 The Sesame SEO Team recently attended one of the largest and most influential SEO conferences in the country—MozCon. MozCon is a digital marketing conference featuring forward-thinking sessions and networking, centered around SEO and digital media. Our SEO Team looks forward to the conference every year as they take the digital marketing strategies they learn and implement them at Sesame to better […]
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By: Amy Sanford


Protect your Website with SSL Certificates

Protecting your identity online is extremely important for both you and your patients. At Sesame, we understand the importance of online security, which is why we are offering Free SSL Certificates to select members with Sesame responsive-designed websites.* What are SSL Certificates? SSL Certificates provide secure, encrypted communications between your practice website and your patient’s internet browser.  SSL stands for […]
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By: Tyler Carter


Boost Your Brand with Facebook Paid Ads

 Boost Your Brand with Facebook Paid Ads It’s no longer a myth: reaching your fans on your Facebook page is becoming harder and harder. Over recent years, the organic reach of your page’s posts has diminished quite a bit. But why is that? An answer to this question starts with understanding Facebook’s goal. In a recent release on the latest […]
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By: Ryan Zwiefelhofer


How to Enhance the Presence of Your Dental Practice in Google Maps

Getting top positions on Google Maps for dental searches is the ultimate dream for many dental offices! However, Google has not always been very clear on how to achieve better visibility on Google Maps. Thankfully, Google has become a bit more transparent as to what it takes to gain better visibility on their maps platform and has developed better tools […]
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By: Shaylee Moultray