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    Search Engine Keywords Explained

    What is a keyword? Sure, you’ve heard the term before and know that it has something to do with making your website show up more in search engines, but how exactly do keywords work? When speaking with our members, the term “keyword” comes up a lot when discussing search strategies. A keyword typically refers to one of three things in […]
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    Sesame at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX)

    Three of our very own local SEO experts—Jana and Amy—are attending the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) here in Seattle today! Continuing education is important to us, and the Search Marketing Expo is an always-educational event where we can consult local SEO colleagues from around the country, as well as stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest in search engine […]
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    Upcoming Webinar—So You’ve Decided to Sell Your Practice: Proven Tips for a Profitable Transition

    Do you know what it takes to successfully transition your practice in today’s marketplace; understanding the key points that make your practice more attractive to buyers so you can have your practice sold before others near you? This Friday, we invite to you join our Webinar and learn how doctors should approach the fine art of selling their practice—and profit […]
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    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    “The key to higher rankings is making sure your website has the right ingredients the search engines need for their recipes.” What is SEO? Sure, you’ve heard the phrase around and know that it has something to do with making your website show up more in Google, but how exactly does it work? This question gets asked all the time, […]
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