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Sesame’s COVID-19 Resource Page Overview

Mar 19 / by: admin
Sesame COVID-19 Resources Your Practice Can Access

COVID-19 has forced us to change how we conduct our daily business and even how we interact with each other. During times of uncertainty, it’s critical that we can effectively communicate with our patients to help them deal with any disruption it has on their planned dental care – and continue to provide a quality patient experience.  COVID-19 Resource Page […]
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Instagram Professional Tools You Can Utilize

Jan 25 / by: Marie Dubray

  There are many tools available for business owners and content creators to utilize through the Instagram Professional Dashboard. In this post, I’ll go over what is available for you to use!   Ad Tools Similar to Facebook, Instagram has its own way of doing ads called Boosts. When a post is boosted, it means that the business owner or […]
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Tracking Instagram Performance – A Brief Overview

Jan 18 / by: Marie Dubray
Understanding Instagram Reporting

In recent years, Instagram has transformed into a useful platform for many business owners and professionals.  Beginning early 2021, Instagram added a Professional Dashboard, allowing all professional accounts (business and creator) to access account performance data. With this new feature added to the platform, business owners are able to achieve their social media goals in relation to their business growth. […]
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Understanding Organic vs. Paid Social Media

Jan 11 / by: Jonathan Giraldo
Organic Social Posting vs. Paid Social Advertising

To pay, or not to pay? That is the fundamental question most businesses must answer when developing their social media strategy.  Organic posts and paid advertising each have their strengths and weaknesses. Keep reading to learn when you should use one vs. the other and how you can develop a winning social media plan!   Organic Content Brand Development and […]
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Get Organized with a Social Media Content Calendar

Jan 04 / by: Marie Dubray
Creating a Content Calendar

Taking the time to plan out your content and get it scheduled can be a time-consuming process. Still, consistency is key. Planning and scheduling are necessary elements of growing engagement on your social media profiles. So, what is the solution for planning and organizing your content strategy? It’s simple. Have a content calendar!   What is a Content Calendar? You […]
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How do Title Tags Help SEO Efforts?

Dec 14 / by: Aliah Rasmussen
Title Tag Optimization

Title tags are all around us! Have you ever noticed the descriptive information for a web page at the top of your internet browser? That information is the “title tag” for that page.  Here’s a look at how the title tag displays in a search window for Sesame’s website category page, for example:  Title tags are the clickable heading shown […]
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Instagram Creator vs. Instagram Business Accounts

Dec 07 / by: Marie Dubray
Instagram Creator Accounts vs. Instagram Business Accounts

As a business, you may know that Instagram has a special account type for businesses called a Business Account. But did you know that there is also another type of business account, the Creator Account? Now you may be wondering, what are the differences between both account types and how can each one of them benefit what you are trying […]
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What’s the Right Social Media Posting Frequency?

Nov 30 / by: Marie Dubray
Social Media Posting Frequency

Content creators often struggle with balancing posting too frequently vs. not posting often enough. Will people unfollow you because you post every single day? Or will they unfollow you because you don’t post every single week? Finding the sweet spot of posting frequency can be challenging. Overwhelming and spamming your followers is a big “NO,” but you also don’t want […]
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Google and Bing are Going Responsive

Nov 16 / by: Michael Fitterer
Google and Bing Responsive Ad Changes

Ad copy changes are coming to Google and Bing! That’s right, effective June 30th, 2022 BOTH Google and Microsoft Advertising (Bing) are switching ALL new search ads creation to the Responsive Format. Wait, what? I know, this sounds very painful. Luckily, expanded text ads created before that date will continue to run and they can be enabled and paused as […]
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The Benefits of YouTube Shorts

Nov 09 / by: Marie Dubray
Creating YouTube Shorts

Within the past decade, YouTube has gained massive popularity. Sharing a video on YouTube has become more than just a hobby, it has become a lifestyle. More recently, they have moved towards the creation of short clips to attract more users to the platform.  As a result, if your practice is looking to expand your social media content output and […]
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Understanding Onsite vs. Offsite SEO

Nov 02 / by: Phil Horton
Understanding Onsite + Offsite SEO

Search engine algorithms are designed to determine which websites are most applicable for a given search result. The websites are then listed in results based on an abundance of factors. Interestingly, both onsite and offsite considerations influence rankings.  So, what are onsite and offsite factors? I created this blog post to help you understand the difference between the two and […]
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