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Why Custom Content Matters

One of the difficulties in working with a new website is creating a steady flow of traffic to your website. Your practice or service may be new and exciting, but that will not matter if potential clients and customers are not actually paying attention to the product or services you offer. Creating customized content helps the web notice you.

When a potential patient is looking at your website, having custom content helps them see that you are establishing a common interest or a relationship with them. Custom content grabs their attention because it’s not the same stock-folder content that other practices or businesses have in the area. You will answer the questions that they have when they first come across your website.

With custom content, you can show patients and potential customers why your practice is above and beyond the competitors in the area. Give them a glimpse of what they would experience if they come to you for the service they are looking for. Content is your way of showing and branding what your practice has to offer.

Your potential patients and customers will appreciate that you took the time to create unique content that they are reading when they are given your practice as a result in their web search. With search engines, such as Google, there is an algorithm for how they place value on websites. Ultimately, this is how they decide where to place each site on their search results page.

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Custom content helps you stay on top of the changing algorithms. Your website’s ranking is determined by each individual page and every algorithm requires a percentage of your content to be unique for it to be considered authoritative. Duplicating content tells the search engine that your website is not a credible source. Custom content will help you rank higher within the search engine results, which is what every business or practice wants.

-Aliah Rasmussen, SEO Specialist, Sesame Communications

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