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What’s the Right Social Media Posting Frequency?

Social Media Posting Frequency

Content creators often struggle with balancing posting too frequently vs. not posting often enough. Will people unfollow you because you post every single day? Or will they unfollow you because you don’t post every single week? Finding the sweet spot of posting frequency can be challenging. Overwhelming and spamming your followers is a big “NO,” but you also don’t want to be forgotten or miss any opportunities.

So, what is the right posting volume by platform?

Instagram Posting

Instagram, by nature, exposes visitors to an abundance of creators and content. It may make you feel like you need to compete with others to achieve your social media goals and compel you into posting more than needed.

Generally, it’s recommended that you post to your feed 2-3 times per week with no more than 1 post per day. For Sesame Social Members, this would mean you would need to produce an additional 1-2 pieces of content which could stem from our monthly newsletter or be your own personalized content.

Stories can be posted at a much higher frequency than general content. Actually, we highly recommend that practices use their stories to increase engagement with their followers.

Think about how often your audience wants to hear from you and focus on building a regular cadence by posting consistently on a weekly basis.

Facebook Posting

On Facebook, it can sometimes feel more challenging to reach your audience than via Instagram because there’s no real way to promote your content without paying for advertising space. Because of that, you may be inclined to post less often.

With Facebook, it’s best to post at least once per day. With our Sesame Social solution, you get 2 posts per week, as well as a weekly and monthly blog post. This equates to about 3.25 posts a week.  By sharing content, patient before and after photos, and shoutouts on your Facebook profile, you could easily cover the remaining 2 posts suggested per week!


Finding the best frequency to post on your social media platforms will require some trial and error. You could start by incorporating an additional post on Facebook and Instagram per month, and you see how your audience responds to it. Another option is to go live on stories once a week to see if your engagement goes up. 

Are you worried about forgetting to post? Try setting yourself alerts like in the following example: 

If you’re becoming overwhelmed with the number of posts you’re having to produce to meet general posting guidelines, check out some of Sesame’s other blog posts on content ideas and inspiration. And with the help of our social tool, scheduling content will be a lot easier and less overwhelming.

Remember to aim for quality over quantity! Good posts are much more effective and important than posting volume. Never feel like you have to put out content. Strive for the feeling of wanting to put out content. The more relevant and useful your content is to your audience the better your social profiles will perform.


—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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