Understanding the Sesame Social Tool


There is so much more to the Sesame social tool than just the ability to schedule out posts to your Facebook and Instagram profiles!

Keep reading to learn about what the tool is, key features, and how to ensure that you are using the Social Tool to its fullest potential.

Social Tool Overview

The Sesame Social Tool allows you to easily schedule out your own posts, see what Sesame has scheduled for your office, and edit your images. You can edit your own images with your logo, add custom frames, stickers, plus add text and shapes to your photos.

Within the tool, we also have a library of content available for you to utilize when you are stumped and don’t have anything to upload.  

With many different functions and tools available, posting to your social media profiles can be a much less time-consuming process!

Location Tab

The Insights tool is the home page where you will find all the high-level data about your connected social media channels.

Your overall following, reach, and engagement are located at the very center of the page. These numbers illustrate how your posts are performing and an overview of where improvements can be made for future content. 

Further down the page is more in-depth information on your following. Details such as overall fan and engagement demographics, your engagement status on posts, your peak time (when your followers are most often online), and information about social reviews are available. 

This tool is especially useful when you are starting off your journey on social media and don’t know how to best utilize our social tool. Also, if you need a quick highlight of your overall account health, the insights tool lays it all out succintly. 

The Location tool is also found on this tab. If your practice has multiple locations this tab allows you to house all of your locations under the same account.

Another useful tool under the Location Tab is the Templates tool. This tool allows you to create templates to respond to messages, reviews, and comments. We highly recommend that you have a few templates created and ready to post so you never miss the opportunity to engage with your audience.

Social Tab

Within the Social tab, there are a few different sections worth mentioning. First, there is the Queue and Published tools. Both tools go hand in hand, as they do very similar things. The Queue shows all your posts and when they are queued up to post. You can see your graphic and captions, whether the post has been approved, and you can edit and delete the post in this section. 

The Published tool allows you to see all your published posts as well has how the content preformed. You can also engage with the published content directly through the tool with actions such as respond to comments, share, edit the post, or delete it. 

This area also features the Libraries and Images tools. The Libraries tool allows you to see all the content you have uploaded with the caption. You can also see how the post performed. Within the Images tool, you again can see all the content that has been published to the Social Tool by your practice; however this is just the content itself – it does not include any copy. Within both tools, you have access to the Sesame Communications Library of images and graphics. This content is all tagged with key words so you’re able to find what you need.

To access this library simply navigate to either the Libraries or Image Tool, click on the drop-down menu next to your Location Name (i.e., the name your practice or doctor), and select Sesame Communications. From there you can type in anything you would like in the search bar and all the content with that tag will pop up for you to download and use. 

Finally, there is the Scheduler. This section is where everything is housed and scheduled. As long as you have your social channels connected, you will be able to schedule out future content from here. 

 Not only can you post right in the moment, but you have the ability to schedule your content out as far as you would like. You can post up to 10 images and graphics within one scheduled post. This makes it much easier to diversify the type of content that is on your social profiles.

Within the Scheduling tool, you can also edit your content directly. When you have an image uploaded and ready to schedule, click on the pencil icon. This will bring up the editing tool. From here you have very basic editing functions such as the ability to add text, rotate the image, apply filters, and a personal favorite, adding in your custom logo frames.

Finally, you can edit or delete any of the content we have scheduled for you. You can also move any of it around to fit what works best with your social media strategy.

Let’s Recap

Now that we have gone through a detailed overview of what makes up the Social Tool, let’s talk about what you can do to ensure you’re maximizing your use of it. 

Remember, consistency is the key to improving your overall performance. Personally, I find that it’s easier to create a whole month’s worth of content in a week or two and get that scheduled to post. For me, it helps eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with content posting.

Don’t forget to use our searchable library of content! We curate content for all different occasions and services. Whether you’re looking for a summer post or something more specific to your practice such as a teeth cleaning theme, we have it available. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to the Sesame Social Team and we will add in some content that is relevant to your practice.

We also highly recommend you use the Logo Frames that are available. They are custom made for your practice and include your branding. Not only are they an easy add but they help differentiate your practice from your competition. 

In short, please take advantage of this awesome tool that allows you to take control of your social media efforts. Managing your social media profiles has never been easier!


If you’re not currently a Sesame Social Member, please reach out to our team if you are interested in our social tool or would like a more in-depth overview of what it can do.


—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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