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Three Ways to Make Content That Matters

It’s the question on everybody’s mind: what am I supposed to post on Facebook? To answer that question, let’s start by exploring why people use Facebook.

Facebook is the most widely-used social media platform in the United States. Facebook’s mission is to build communities and bring people together. Anyone can share and receive personal updates to connect with friends and family.

Naturally, you may wonder how your business’s Facebook page fits into that equation. What place does your practice have on a social media platform focused on connecting people with their loved ones? The answer is simple: your content should help people connect with each other.

We find a lot of great content on the Internet, but there are common themes that emerge among the most successful ones. Here are three principles that we use to guide the posts we make for social media.

Provide a solution to a problem:

Your impact can go beyond showing that you can make people’s teeth look great. People want to trust you as an expert in all things related to teeth and health. Consistently posting helpful content helps you to earn their trust as somebody who knows how to address those needs.

You may be surprised at the type of content that resonates with your Facebook followers. We’ve seen successful posts about healthy summer foods or about creative ways to use old toothbrushes! For example, this post by Drs. Love and Miller, PC about avoiding heatstroke was shared 13 times. People want to share things that will be useful for the people they care about.

Share moments like you would with a friend

Plus, your followers want to celebrate special moments with you! Posts about birthdays, marriages, and welcoming new members to the family are almost always a guaranteed hit. Take a look at Hinnant Family Dentistry’s post about the office getting ready for college football season.

Give them opportunities to interact with you

There are many ways that encourage your fans to connect with you. People love to share things they get excited about. We’ve seen successful graphics that ask people to play a guessing game, answer a question using only gifs, or to post a favorite pet photo. People love to share photos of their beloved pups!

Ultimately, it comes down from a genuine enjoyment from talking with your followers. Dr. Russell at Russell Orthodontics did a great job making a fun post using a popular week during a well-known time. See his post where he asks a great question while adjusting a nice set of braces for Bruce from Finding Nemo.

Creating meaningful connections will always be better than trying to sell. People are constantly bombarded by commercials and advertisements, so why not be a fresh, helpful presence in their life?

With Sesame Social, you’ll have a team helping you to stay in touch with the people that matter. It’s our goal to help you connect with your followers online to improve your relationships with them in the office. Every practice is unique, and we are committed to helping you find the way that works best for you.

And if you’re ever stuck for ideas on what your patients want to know, the best way to find out is to ask.

—Aaron Jin, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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