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The Benefits of YouTube Shorts

Creating YouTube Shorts

Within the past decade, YouTube has gained massive popularity. Sharing a video on YouTube has become more than just a hobby, it has become a lifestyle. More recently, they have moved towards the creation of short clips to attract more users to the platform. 

As a result, if your practice is looking to expand your social media content output and dive into the world of video, YouTube Shorts may be a great place to start.


What are YouTube Shorts?

 In early 2021, YouTube rolled out Shorts in the United States for creators to be able to make short, catchy, videos using nothing but their mobile phones. This provides a great option for a lot of people looking to expand their social media presence without putting tons of money into video equipment.

With the addition of Shorts, creators are now able to connect with a new audience using just their smartphone and the Shorts camera in the YouTube app. As a result, making your own YouTube Short is a simple process.

How do you create a Short?

Creating a Short is incredibly easy. All you will need is a YouTube account accompanied by the YouTube app on your smartphone. You’ll go into the “Create a Short” portion of YouTube by clicking on the plus (+) button at the bottom of your screen.

From there you can make a Short that is up to 60 seconds long by holding down on the capture button. However, if you are interested in adding music to the back of your creation, you are limited to 15 seconds of content.

When you are ready to publish the Short, you can add a title and choose settings for your video. Once you have completed the final details your Short is ready to be published!

Content Ideas

Shorts offer a fun and easy way to grow your engagement with followers and reach new audiences. Below are some ideas for building your presence on YouTube and the Short community.

  1. Meet the Doctor(s)
  2. Do’s and Don’ts of Brushing and Flossing
  3. Dental Routines
  4. Best Toothbrushes on the Market – Drugstore vs High-end
  5. Debunking Industry Myths
  6. Daily Reminders for Oral Health
  7. Behind the Scenes of the Office Staff

Whether you are looking to expand your social media presence to different platforms or simply want to have fun with video creation, YouTube Shorts is a great place to start. With the endless possibilities available, you are sure to reach new users and build a bigger following. Don’t fall short, start using Shorts today!


—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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