Spring Content Ideas for your Practice to Utilize


Does your practice need a content refresh this season? We’ve got you covered!

Being consistent with content is incredibly important for boosting visibility across digital channels. Still, it’s not always easy to be consistent so this post is dedicated to offering some great themes your practice can utilize. 


Single Photo & Carousel Content Ideas

Single posts and carousels offer a solid go-to option because the content is easy to create, and the opportunities for creativity are endless.

Here are a few ideas we have for this spring:

  • Before and After – Show patients before their procedure and after they have completed the procedure.
  • Spring Contests and Giveaways – Contests and giveaways are a great way to get your patients more involved in the social media side of your practice. Not only are you able to give back to the patients that support your practice, but you are also able to have some fun!
  • New Products and Services – If you are introducing any new products or services, now is the time to post about them.
  • Spring Office Updates – Have you added anyone new to the team? Maybe you have changed your office décor for spring? Regardless of what the changes are, share them for everyone to see.

Story Content Ideas

Story content is typically content that is relevant and interesting to your followers but doesn’t find a place on your feed. We like to cover holidays and national holidays in our Stories, for example. They are also great for showing in-the-moment content.

A few ideas we have for utilizing Story content include:

  • Holidays – Ramadan, Easter, Passover, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, and the first day of summer are all coming up soon and offer holiday-themed material. 
  • National Holidays – Dental Hygienist Week (2nd week in April), Oral Cancer Awareness Month (April), Root Canal Awareness Week (2nd week in May), Root Canal Day (2nd Wednesday in May), National Receptionist Day (May 12th), Dental Smiles Month (June), Dental Diversity Month (June), National Toothbrush Day (June 26th) are upcoming, industry-specific, options. 
  • Go Live! – Notify your followers ahead of time that you are going live to answer questions about your services or practice then gather a few questions to begin your live story.
  • Ways to get involved in your community – Do you have a favorite event that you like to attend every spring? Is your practice involved with any organizations that are hosting spring events? Promoting and showing your involvement in your community offers a great way to create more content while showcasing things that matter to you and your business.

Reels Content Ideas 

We have noticed that Reels have a huge impact on improving visibility for many practices. Instagram takes priority in pushing them out through the Instagram algorithm which makes your page more likely to be discovered by potential clients.

With Reels, there are a few things to take into consideration when you are creating them. Number one and probably the most important, make the Reel engaging. Then you’ll need to add in a trending sound, which helps the algorithm push it out.

Reel ideas we have for this Spring include:

  • Spring Cleaning! Tips and tricks for having a healthy smile – Record yourself showing some of your favorite tips and tricks for maintaining good oral health and don’t forget to add in a voice-over explaining each one.
  • Behind the scenes of a cleaning procedure – Record yourself going through the steps of doing a cleaning for one of your patients.

Website Content Ideas

Don’t forget your website content as well! If you are a part of the Sesame Social service, you are already getting weekly blog posts to your website. However, just like everything good in life, more is always better!

Our spring website content ideas are to cover: 

  • Your favorite indoor and outdoor Spring activities – Write about your favorite activities to do this spring.
  • Spring do’s and don’ts – With the weather starting to warm up in many places people are beginning to change their regular habits such as eating, going out, and such. Take this time to go over some do’s and don’ts related to oral health.

I hope your practice is able to turn a few of these ideas into great social or blog content!

Don’t forget, if you’re a Sesame Social Member, you are able to utilize the Monthly Content Newsletter and the Monthly Blog Questionnaire to get even more content for your socials and website! 


To any non-Members reading this post, if you’re interested in hearing more about what our social service has to offer, please reach out to our team! 

—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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