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Sesame Tools for Onboarding New Patients

Obtaining new patients is essential to the success of your business. Scheduling patients with a specific date and time for their first visit to your office is half the process. The other half, is making the appointment stick while providing a seamless first time visit that is also efficient with your time and money.

Your push for a strong online presence should not stop with just a new website design. It’s important to include tools within the website that will get you and your patients any information they may need. Here are a few of the most pertinent tools Sesame can provide:


Patient Communication and Patient Portal

Your patients are busy people, they may have families, work, and/or other events to keep track of. Automated appointment reminders are essential to making sure they show up on time. With Sesame’s Patient Communications system, patients can choose to be reminded by email, text, and phone calls. And for those patients that may need it, they can also download calendar reminders right to their phone. 

Online Health History Forms

Studies show that new patients are more likely to keep their first appointment if they fill out paperwork prior to coming into the office. Sesame’s Online Health History Form is an easy-to-use form that your office can utilize. Once you have the patient scheduled, direct them straight to your website for simple access to these forms or include a link to them in any of your automated reminders. Giving your patients access to your office forms prior to their appointment ensures you’ll get the necessary information on time. 

Virtual Consultations

This feature provides a secure way for patients to send dental photos to your office prior to coming into the office. It helps build trust and rapport before the first visit. Virtual Consultations will streamline information needed by you for their upcoming treatment.


Open communication from the start grants you an opportunity to show new patients that your office is committed to them. Make answering questions that they may have easy on yourself by utilizing these tools. They will help open the door to great customer service and an ongoing relationship with prospective patients. 

For more information on how Sesame can help your practice welcome in new patients, call (866) 437-5384 or Contact Us here.

—Christina Curtis, Jedi Onboarding Specialist, Sesame Communications 

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