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Prioritizing Your Social Networks

We know that managing your social networks can feel like a lot of work sometimes. The easiest way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to take some time to build your social strategy and make sure you’re prioritizing the right networks. While every practice is unique and may approach social media differently, this is the approach we recommend based on what we’ve learned from working with dental and orthodontic practices.


  1. Facebook: Facebook is the number one network to focus on. This social network is where you will find the majority of your target audience on a daily basis. Posting relevant content whether it’s graphics, in-office images, videos, or blogs, will be seen by a larger audience in comparison to other networks. Facebook is a great place for dental and orthodontic practices because it allows you to host images, text, links, videos, and general office information all in one place. Your major target audience (middle-aged adults) will like and follow your page if it provides helpful, relevant content that’s updated frequently.
  2. Blog: Creating unique content for your blog is a great way to establish your brand, boost your website’s SEO, and drive more traffic to your website and social networks. Whenever you have an opportunity to create a unique blog pertaining to your practice, we highly recommend taking the time to do so. Plus our Social team makes it easy for you, just fill out a blog questionnaire and we’ll do the writing!
  3. YouTube:  Video content is continuously growing because of its quick, to the point visual aspects. If you’re posting video content on your Facebook page, remember to also upload it to your YouTube channel to host all of your videos in one spot! Video content can be as simple as shooting footage from your iPhone of a patient testimonial, office tour, or a meet the doctor video. Video content is likely to have higher engagement than photos, so you might want to start hitting that record button!
  4. Instagram: If you’re already active on Facebook and are looking for an all-inclusive visual nook for your pictures and videos, Instagram is a space your practice should consider prioritizing. Instagram is a great platform to use to share a personalized, cohesive stream of content that your patients can follow. You can also connect your Instagram page to share to Facebook, making it a one-stop spot for sharing your unique content!
  5. Twitter: It’s great to have a Twitter account set up for your practice. If you have Sesame Social, everything that’s currently posted to Facebook will be directly posted to your Twitter account as well. We do this because generally, Twitter isn’t as effective when it comes to establishing an online presence or gaining new patients. Some patients may find you on Twitter, but it’s more likely that they will find your Twitter through your website. If you decide on posting content directly to this network, we recommend sharing office-centric content like your blogs or staff photos, just as you would on Facebook for that personal touch.   
  6. Snapchat: Snapchat is a timely, fun way to connect with your younger audience. It allows you to post pictures and videos of daily happenings in the office with the ability to add text, filters, and stickers. It has become the largest social network used by younger generations. That being said, it may not be the most important social network to focus on in terms of acquiring new patients. Still, it never hurts to stay current and active on all social networks.

When deciding what networks to focus on, take all of this into consideration. You can start by posting office-centric content to your Facebook page and creating personal blogs. If you have questions about any of these networks or are at a loss for content ideas, contact our Social team and we’d be happy to help you get started!

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