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Meet The Social Experts of Sesame

Social media is a key component of your practice’s online marketing strategy. Lucky for you, we have five awesome humans on the Social Team. Together, they develop, design and execute unique social strategies for you and your practice.

Social media experts. Gurus. Dream team. Call them what you want! We chatted with them about their lives, expertise and love of social media.

Here’s a closer look at the Sesame Social Team:

Aaron Jin | Social Media Specialist

Aaron is the newest member of the Sesame Social Team. He has been working at Sesame for almost four months now! When asked what he loves most about social media, Aaron said social media is a great way to connect with friends by sharing your life in a creative way. One time, someone tweeted that their life was complete after Aaron liked their photo on Instagram, and that’s how he knew he was doing something right in the social media world!

Aaron has two brothers, and they all have rhyming names. His secret talent includes breaking an apple with his head. Outside of Sesame, he performs in the Seattle theatre community and recently started creating his own films.

If Aaron could learn to do anything, he would have learned gymnastics or ballet when he was younger and become a dancer. He recently has started to learn to dance, because it’s never too late! 

Adrian Vargas | Social Media Specialist

Adrian has been working at Sesame for 8 months, 13 days, 4 hours 54 minutes and 52 seconds, give or take a few seconds. We asked him what he enjoyed most about working at Sesame, and he said the comradery is palpable, no matter what issue he may be facing his team has his back 100% of the way. He also enjoys the daily free hot cocoa!

If you’re not on the Social Team you may not know that he has been sending new music to the team daily, but what they fail to realize is that each song is actually a clue for the antidote he has hidden in the office (28 days remain). In regards to his love for social media, Adrian appreciates seeing copious amounts of dog photos, it’s the closest he can get to owning one but without having any of the responsibilities.

Adrian told us that the name of his autobiography about his life would be “Well, That Didn’t Work: And Other Misfortunes” (copyright pending!) He also writes music reviews and conducts interviews with artists and musicians on the side. He also wanted to note that he had a pet fish named Lil’ Porkchop, who died within 5 minutes of Adrian being his father. RIP Lil’ Porkchop.

Jennie Rogers | Social Media Specialist

For two and a half years(ish), Jennie has been one of your Social Media Specialists. She enjoys working with her team, they help make tough days feel infinitely lighter. When it comes to social media, Jennie loves the ability to creatively shape her own narrative through images—particularly on Instagram. She believes a strong social media presence isn’t in the number of followers you have but in how you give your brand a voice. If your online presence feels authentic and genuine, you naturally attract the people you want.

If you ever find yourself on the streets of Seattle and feel like bringing Jennie a beverage, she loves a good grande vanilla latte with coconut milk! We also asked her who she would choose to be stuck on an elevator with from Sesame and she said Flossie! Flossie is one of our colleague’s cute french bulldog pup.

Jennie is also an avid reader, this year she’s read 12,344 pages of 43 books! Her favorite book, while hard to pin down, is either The Waves by Virginia Woolf or The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. She enjoys sad novels that deal with growing older and the loss of innocence.

Michelle Hammond | Social Media Specialist

Time is flying, Michelle has been at Sesame for over two years! Her favorite part about working at Sesame is the people, especially her teammates. They always seem to be on the same page, have a similar sense of humor and work really well together. She said having a solid team makes the ebb and flow of every day so much better.

Michelle loves how creative you can be on social media, whether that’s in the form of a photo or more temporary content like a story. Instagram is her go-to platform because it gives her the opportunity to interact with businesses and brands in a more casual way. With some of the story features like polls, for example, you can really get your audience involved in what you’re doing. She follows a shoe brand that recently asked their followers for help naming some of their new colors. She submitted some ideas and one of them got picked! So now there’s a shoe online with a color name she came up with, which is a decision she probably wouldn’t have been involved in if they weren’t on Instagram and we both think that’s really cool!

We asked Michelle if she could travel anywhere where would she go? She loves to travel and has so many places on her list but some that have been on her mind for a while now are Morocco, Australia, and New Zealand. She’s also bilingual, almost trilingual. She was hesitant to call herself trilingual because her French is a little rusty but she is fluent in Spanish and English. During any of her travels, you will find her with a good book in hand, no matter the size. She’s kind of a book fiend and she refuses to buy a kindle!

Tyler Harris | Senior Social Media Specialist

Our longest standing social team member is Tyler Harris. He has been working at Sesame for over four years, so you could say he’s earned his Sesa’s degree. Like many of his teammates, his favorite part about working at Sesame is the people. He said coming to work every day is easy when you get to work and collaborate with people he considers to be his friends.

Speaking of friends, when we asked him what he loves most about social media he said that it’s the easiest way for him to keep in touch with his friends and family. It’s a great way to keep everyone connected to each other in a creative, visually appealing way. At Sesame, Tyler is our graphics king. He focuses on creating our illustrated content and maintaining the posting schedules for members.

We asked Tyler some personal questions, too. Given the opportunity to be any animal, he said he would be a sloth because he’d be sleeping and eating all day…  one can dream. We also asked what he would do with his winnings if he won the lottery. He told us he would quit and travel the world, hopefully, his boss, Philip, would let him work remotely on a beach.

Last But Not Least

To make this team whole, they have a pretty sweet boss named Philip Horton, he also manages the SEO team! If you want to learn more about Phil, check out our expose we wrote on him a few months ago. We hope you learned something interesting about your Sesame Social Team. If you have any questions about these social media experts, don’t hesitate to reach out!

—Alexis Mallos, Senior Marketing Manager, Sesame Communications

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