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The Inside Scoop on Phil Horton

The  Sesame  team continues to grow and we’ve had some staff changes as of late. Our newest team member, who’s actually a former team member, is Phil Horton! Phil worked at Sesame for 3+ years as a Social Media Specialist. He took a small sabbatical to try a different career path but has come back to Sesame in a new role, as the new Search Manager.

Phil now gets the pleasure of managing both the SEO and Social team, also known as our Search team. He’s taking  on the challenge of managing a staff of 10 people and helping deliver exceptional customer service to our Sesame member base. I had the opportunity to sit down with Phil and grill him about his life goals, work life and personal life.

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy getting to know Phil.

AM: What is your biggest achievement to date professionally?
PH: My biggest achievement to date has been getting the opportunity to manage the team that I worked on for 3+ years. I have watched our service evolve over the years and am very proud of how they have grown. With that being said, I am very excited to have a big part in helping innovate our search team’s products.

AM: What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?
PH: Spreadsheetsif I’m being totally honest. A typical day for me, is ensuring my team has as little to worry about as possible outside of delivering amazing service to our members. As far as what I am currently working on; we recently added Yext as part of our SEO service and that has been a very large project. We are still working on driving additional benefits for our members.

AM: If you could switch roles with anyone at Sesame, who would it be and why?
PH: Anyone who has their own office. I’ve always had a dream of telling someone to “Step into my office” and it actually being an office and not just my desk.
AM: I would like to mention to all you readers out there that Phil has an amazing window that is adjacent to his desk.

AM: If you were to be stuck on an elevator with someone at Sesame, who would it be and why?
PH: One of our Sales Team members brings his dog in every day. I am not sure what kind it is but it is cute and very friendly. If I’m going to be stuck on an elevator, why not be stuck with a pup?
AM: Her name is Flossy and she’s a french bulldog and she’s stinkin’ cute.

AM: What’s your most memorable face palm moment?
PH: None. I have never done anything embarrassing in my life. And no, I am not willing to explain this further. Next question, please.

AM: What are you most excited about running the Search Team?
PH: Ruling with an iron fist. But also I really enjoy getting to work with such awesome people. They make my life easy and we all (hopefully) enjoy working with each other.

AM: What is your favorite quote, or line from a movie?
PH: How do you limit this down to one? I try to model my leadership style after The Emperor from Star Wars (just kidding…sort of), so maybe something from him? If not that, pretty much pick a line from Dumb & Dumber.

AM: What is your favorite thing about SEO?
PH: SEO is always evolving to give the user the best possible experience and we get to change with it.

AM: What is your favorite thing about social media?
PH: Social media gives someone the power to tell a story. We always tell our offices that our goal is to make someone feel like they know you before they ever step inside your office doors. Social media gives people the power to do that.

AM: If someone were to buy you a coffee, what’s your drink of choice?
PH: Don’t drink coffee. One Diet Coke please.

AM: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
PH: Good question. Probably work on cars. I know I don’t need to spend $80 on an oil change, but I couldn’t even begin to tell you how to go about doing that.

AM: If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
PH: I’d like to say something responsible like pay off my debt and get my retirement in order. I would definitely do those things. But first I would probably buy at least one irresponsible thing like an over the top house on the water.

AM: If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
PH: Tough call between Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker. I’ve always wanted a lightsaber though, so probably Luke Skywalker.

AM: What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?
PH: Professional golfer. I have been playing since I was about 8 years old but had I known I could make millions doing it at the time, that would have been my career choice.

AM: If you could be any animal, which would you be?
PH: Definitely some kind of dog–maybe a golden retriever? They always are so happy and playful. Plus, someone feeds me food and pets me so pretty much living the dream.

AM: What are you currently watching on Netflix?
PH: The Office for the 18th time.  

AM: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
PH: Outer Space. And yes, that is a real color. It’s a very dark blue.

AM: Tell us an interesting fact about you and/or your life.
PH: I played in a rock band for about 6 years. We put out one CD and played shows all over Seattle.

AM: Alright, last question, What would you name the autobiography of your life?
PH: Somehow I Manage. The cover would be me in a suit looking at my watch and shrugging with a briefcase.

— Alexis Mallos, Senior Marketing Manager, Sesame Communications

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