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Incorporating Video Content into Your Social Media Presence

Using Video in Your Practice's Social Media Presence

Most companies recognize the importance of posting on their social media accounts. Being able to reach audiences where they spend most of their time is an amazing tactic to connect with current and potential patients.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to grow, though. There are a few unique ideas that can take your practice’s social media content to the next level. One of the most impactful of these is video content!


What is video content?

Video content on social media is as simple as it sounds. The strengths of video content are more complex, though. Video content is better at gripping an audience’s attention than static images since movement is naturally attractive. 

In a social media news feed, where information at your fingertips is flying by, it can be hard to captivate your audience long enough to get your message across. Video content can help fix that issue. Social media is the ideal medium for creating a personal connection with your audience, and videos can convey that better than any other digital medium. 

What are some best practices?

It can seem pretty daunting to beginners, and there isn’t really an exact science on what you should be posting or thinking about when trying to incorporate videos on your social media profiles. 

There are a few tips that you can use, though. Remember, most of your audience will be watching video on their smartphone with plenty of other distractions available to them. Keep the content short and concise so your audience doesn’t end up waiting too long to see the main message. 

Also, most people view social media videos with the sound off, so consider adding captions to your video, or at least make sure the message doesn’t get lost without audio. 

What topics work well?

The actual content of successful videos is also very freeform! Your practice can use videos as an opportunity to show off the personality of the office, or take an educational route and explain certain ins-and-outs of dental hygiene. 

One exciting development in social media content is live video. Being able to share live updates to your audiences can help create a stronger connection with patients. There is a lot of room for creativity to explore in creating video content, so take the opportunity to experiment and try different things!


Sesame Communications also has a bunch of video content for Sesame Social Members. If you have any further questions or ideas for how you want to use videos on your social media pages, feel free to give us a call at 866-856-2050 x1 to get in touch. 

Have fun diving into the world of social media videos!

—John Messick, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications 

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