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Healthgrades Profiles – Going beyond the “Basic” is the Internet’s largest healthcare information and ratings portal.  This site has more than 20 million searches for a dental care provider (the third largest search category).  If your practice doesn’t have a profile on this site you are missing out on hundreds of searches done by prospective patients in your local area.

Claiming your basic profile on is free, and it lets you add some information about your practice.  However, this free profile will include advertisements from other dentists or specialists (right on your page), provide only limited practice information, feature unverified reviews, and provide no phone number or appointment request functionality on the front page. This means a visitor will not have the information they need, or an easy method to schedule a new patient appointment with your practice online. This basic profile, though valuable, severely limits your ability to get new patient appointments.

Sesame has partnered with Healthgrades to bring Enhanced Profiles to dentistry. Unlike the basic profile, your practice will have verified, high-quality reviews automatically populated to your Enhanced Profile. It will also have a click–to-request appointment feature and a phone number front and center on your profile. An Enhanced profile also increases exposure to prospective patients in both organic and featured listings in local area searches. Considering the fact a prospective new patient will visit 1.9 profiles before making a decision, being in a top position on search results is critically important.

If you want your practice to be accurately represented on, and significantly increase new patient flow, a Healthgrades Enhanced Profile is a great solution.

To learn more about a Healthgrades Enhanced Profile click here.

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