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Fall Social Media Content Ideas

Fall Social Media Content Ideas

While fall may bring us colorful leaves and pumpkin spice flavored everything, it also offers a chance to spruce up your social media profiles with some quick and easy content ideas. Fall is a great time to share what’s happening in your office in a way that will keep your patients interested and engaged. 

Whether you’re decorating your office in tones of orange and brown or celebrating Halloween with your staff, be sure to share your autumn adventures on social media. Here are a few easy ideas to implement this season! 

Local Fall Scenery

Depending on where your office is located, your local fall foliage can be a great thing to highlight via social media. Is the tree in your parking lot changing its colors? Take a picture and share it on your pages! Fun fall things like going to a pumpkin patch or a local farm are popular autumn activities and make for great engagement. If anyone in your office is participating, have them create some content for your Facebook page. It’s a quick and easy way to engage your audience while also giving you the opportunity to shout out to another local business.  

Back to School

With the arrival of fall, also comes back to school season! Highlighting the students that visit your office is a great chance to connect to the local community while making those students feel special. You can feature students in a patient spotlight blog or just create a more general post wishing all the students going back to school a great start to the school year! 


Taking advantage of Halloween content is a no-brainer for your social media profiles. Whether you’re decorating your office with spooky touches or your staff is dressing up on Halloween itself, be sure to document it on social media. Team costumes can be a huge hit on Facebook and Instagram! Taking a fun and creative approach will likely result in some great engagement. Also, pumpkin carving and decorating contests can be a fun and easy way to bring some fall excitement to your office. We’ve seen offices that have each staff member decorate a pumpkin which patients can vote for have great success on Facebook!  

Thanksgiving and Fall Foods

Don’t forget to highlight all the great fall foods this time of year! As the temperature drops, fall is a great chance to share some of your favorite colder weather dishes. Things like hearty soups, pumpkin treats, and apple pies are always a staple of the autumn season. Share some of your favorite recipes with your followers online! Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to not only express what you’re thankful for in your office, but also a chance to show off those baking skills.  


With fall also comes the arrival of football season. Is your office filled with diehard fans of a certain team or is there a strong rivalry between two of your employees? Highlight it on your social media! This gives your patients a chance to connect with your office and will likely result in increased engagement. Sharing your office’s interests and extracurricular activities shows off the unique personalities your staff has to offer.  


Fall is all about change, so make sure you highlight these changes in your office this season! Hopefully, these quick and easy tips will get your creative juices flowing. Patients love to see your office having fun so be sure to show them just that. We can’t wait to see what your office is up to this fall on social media! 


—Tyler Harris, Lead Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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