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Earth Day 2018


Earth Day is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to start thinking green! You’re probably familiar with one or two eco-friendly lifestyle changes you can make at home, but there are also many ways to care for the planet while at the office. This year’s Earth Day mission is to end plastic pollution, and in the spirit of that we’re sharing a few ways you can help reduce waste production in your daily work life.


  1. Ditch the flossers: Plastic flossers get thrown in the trash after one use which adds up to a lot of waste after a while. Opt for traditional floss packs instead, they get much more usage out of a single plastic container.
  2. Go chartless: Transferring all patient files and forms into electronic versions will cut back significantly on paper usage.   
  3. Buy recyclable products: Make an effort to only purchase recyclable or compostable dental products.
  4. Lights out: Turning off lights after leaving a room will not only cut down on energy, but save you money in the end.
  5. Water station: Rather than offering plastic water bottles, install a refill station or add a filter to your tap so that patients and staff have access to clean water minus the waste.
  6. Join a carpool: Carpooling cuts back on air pollution, plus, your commute to work is always more fun with a friend.
  7. Pick up litter: If you see litter lying around your building (or anywhere really), give Mother Nature a hand and throw it away in the garbage bin.

Although Earth Day is on April 22nd, it’s important we take proactive steps each and every day to help protect our planet from pollution. Remember, even the smallest of changes can make a big difference in the long run!

—Caity McCarthy, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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