Creating Effective Content Around Current Events

Content Creation for Current Events

Current events undoubtedly play a role in business trends. When a respected, A-List celebrity is spotted at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, suddenly, the restaurant gains popularity and has a line out the door. 

When the same celebrity calls out a company for immoral practices, that business sees a drop in orders. And when companies are dismissive and unresponsive to legitimate concerns, they get called out quickly. 

What helps to spread this information at business-altering speeds? Social media. 

Crucial Theme: Be Sensitive

Staying on-top of current events and trends is crucial. In order to stay relevant in the exponentially growing and changing social media-sphere, you must be responsive, flexible and thoughtful about what you post and when. 

Social media platforms give us the opportunity to share our voice, build relationships, and connect with an audience in a way that was once only a dream. There are so many ways to brand yourself and come across as authentic on social media, but today we will discuss what is arguably the most important aspect to keep in mind when creating content: Be Sensitive. 

Though the idea may sound vague and self-explanatory, exemplifying sensitivity is often easier said than done. “Sensitivity” encompasses the ability to show empathy, respect different viewpoints, and show awareness of current events.  

Why a Sensitive Approach Matters

The crux of the matter is that in order to create an audience that sticks, you must show empathy towards what people may be going through. 

During natural disasters or global pandemics, for example,  it is crucial to acknowledge that you and your brand are aware and responsive to current events and their impact on your brand’s community. Though your practice may have limited resources and reach during these times, your followers will remember if you show sensitivity to changes and hardships. The weight of your response during a time of crisis has the ability to foster great goodwill and spread your presence immensely once things return to normal. At the same time, insensitivity could be the reason your business falters.

Making Connections

Notice how people tend to seek out connections with others during times of hardship: even amidst social distancing, sickness or loss of security. Social media presents a great opportunity to form relationships near and far. Just as we are able to create connections with friends, family, and strangers, your practice is able to use social media to foster a community of its own. Difficult times, when the population is flocking to social media as a distraction, are some of the most opportune times to attract and grow your audience. 

Sensitivity in Action

Putting the Be Sensitive mantra into practice with your content can take many forms, which is why social media is so great. A common (and successful!) angle we’ve seen practices move towards is sharing uplifting moments to spread positivity in a time when it can be hard to maintain a positive mindset. 

The ability to look on the bright side lets your audience know that you’re understanding of what is going on, but still optimistic for the future. Your audience will love the influx of positive content to break up the pessimism often found in their news feed, and it helps set you and your brand apart. 

Being Sensitive can also be as simple as asking your audience how they’re doing and listening. Again, people are looking for opportunities to connect and build relationships during changing or uncertain times, which makes it crucial to engage and form a personal bond with your patients and prospective patients. 

Patience Pays

There are tons of ways to put Be Sensitive into effect on social media, so consider what works best for your practice. Regardless of how you spin it, remember to be patient during times of change, confusion, or worry. There are many different events pulling for our attention right now, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing the immediate results you’re hoping for. Social media growth is trial-and-error, so Be Sensitive with your audience, but also Be Sensitive with yourself!


—John Messick, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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