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Are you ready for mobile?

dr-farley-mobile_02-186x300Today, 80% of Americans own mobile phones, and 50% of those phones will be connected to the Internet by the end of 2011. With so many people using smartphones to search for information online, it’s no surprise to see the surge in popularity of mobile-optimized websites and apps.

Unfortunately, the user experience of navigating a website on one of these smartphones is much different than on a computer, which poses a few challenges for your practice in marketing to prospective patients using these devices.

While most smartphones do feature full web browsers, their smaller form factor and touch screen interface can make navigating a website frustrating, with patients spending a great deal more time scrolling and zooming  to find the information they’re looking for.

Additionally, the connection speed of most smartphones is slower than a regular desktop or laptop computer, meaning that more time is spent waiting for websites to load. Websites slowed down with images and flash will be overlooked by prospective patients using smartphones. Every second counts!

Prospective patients using smartphones are searching for basic information: your office contact details, general doctor information, and links to your social networking sites. A mobile-optimized website can help ensure your practice doesn’t miss out on these  patients by giving them the information they’re looking for quickly, all in an optimal viewing experience for their smartphones.

You can learn more about mobile marketing success by downloading the Limelight Networks report: 5 Proven Ways to Drive Mobile Marketing Results.


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