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Appealing to Patients via Instagram Reels

Appealing to Patients with Instagram Reels

Diversifying content is a great way to grow engagement on your social media platforms. Instagram makes it easy for its users to do this as it offers many different options to create and share content. 

One of its newest additions is Instagram Reels, “a new way to create and discover short, (and) entertaining videos on Instagram.” With a 15-second recorded (and edited) clip you can share fun and creative content with all your followers on your Instagram Feed and also potential followers through the Explore page. Keep reading to learn about Instagram Reels and how they can benefit your practice. 

Short Video Flexibility

Creating Reels gives you complete creative freedom with what you want to do. Maybe you want to share a tour of your practice. Or maybe you would prefer to educate your followers on how to avoid getting cavities. When it comes to Reels, there are a variety of opportunities available for engaging your audience. And as an added perk, you don’t need to have specialized editing skills because Instagram makes it easy for creators of any skill level to create Reels.

Why Reels Make Sense

Now you’re probably wondering why you need to create Reels on top of posting your usual photos to your Feed, engaging with viewers via Live IGTV, and updating your followers on current events on IG Stories. The answer to this question is Tik Tok.

Ok, so what does Tik Tok have to do with Instagram Reels? Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have had to get creative with what sorts of activities to participate in because the majority of the world was closed. 

Tik Tok started growing tremendously during this time and now has over 800 million users of which at least 90% are on the platform daily. In August 2020, Instagram launched Reels as a direct competitor to Tik Tok. With Reels being brought into the Instagram family, consumers quickly found new ways to engage with their audience and grow their following.

It Makes Business Sense

Looking at it from a business standpoint, Reels are extremely important to grow engagement for your following today. Reels allow businesses to be more personable with their audience which creates a trusting relationship between the business and the consumer. You can also use Reels to tell your business’s story, show your values, and educate others on your products and services. Another great perk to using Reels is they give your business leverage on Instagram. As more people look at your content through the Explore page, your channel can be boosted up and suggested to other accounts thus helping with your exposure.

Content Ideas  

Reels are an amazing tool for building your engagement with followers and they can be incredibly fun to create. Note when creating your content, have fun and don’t hold back, as consumers like real, and they like fun. Here are a few ideas that can apply to your practice and are great starters to build other content ideas from:

  1. Meet the Doctor(s)
  2. Invisalign vs Braces – advantages and disadvantages of both
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of Brushing and Flossing
  4. Comparing kinds of toothpaste, which you should invest in and which you should skip
  5. Dental Routines
  6. Day in the life of the dentist or orthodontist
  7. Best toothbrushes on the market, drugstore vs high-end
  8. Debunking industry myths
  9. Daily reminders for oral health
  10. Showcasing your services and products


Reels can be a great tool and can benefit your business in the long run. And the longer your followers can stay connected to your business and social media, the more sincere the connection will be, aiding in the development of longer-term, happy, patients. 

Staying up to date with the newest trends in social media can and will make a lasting effect on your business. And don’t forget to have fun!


—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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