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A Cheat Sheet for Mobile Marketing


In the next two years, mobiThinking estimates one billion people will have accessed the Internet using a mobile device. And, in the US, 25% of people have abandoned the laptop for exclusive use of mobile devices. These people are bypassing PC ownership in favor of the convenience of the mobile device.

So how do you leverage the power of the mobile device?

The answer lies in not thinking of the mobile device as another PC, but rather as another channel for reaching your busy, active patients and prospective patients.

  • Optimize your site for mobile, not just desktops. Create content and designs for a small, touch screen interface, and a device on which extensive typing is unwieldy.
  • Don’t make patients wait for large images to load. Not only can this be expensive for users with limited data plans, but it can waste time and will most likely lead to the user abandoning the site.
  • Create short forms. If you use forms on your website, pare them down to just a few fields. Trying to type on a smartphone is difficult so make the experience as pleasant as possible by keeping your forms short.
  • Don’t hide content behind multiple clicks. Desktop users may click three times to get to content, but a smartphone user may only click twice before giving up and moving on.
  • Leverage the features on a mobile device to your advantage. For example, provide QR codes that lead to targeted landing pages. (Learn more about how to use QR codes and download our FREE guide)
  • Create content that addresses the needs of the mobile user. Make sure the most relevant information is available with just one click. Focus on contact information, basic information about your treatments, doctors and team, and important links, such as to your social networks or patient testimonials.
  • Integrate paid search. Your mobile marketing strategy should also include paid search. Make sure your pay per click advertisements have their mobile friendly options enabled to expand your reach. Be sure to also use strong calls-to-action tailored to your mobile searchers.

According to Dr. Liz Nelson of mobiThinking, she believes this is an exciting time as the predominance of social media and mobile technologies are shaping the communication styles and preferences of the next generations.

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