6 Quick and Effective Facebook Content Ideas

Social Posting Ideas

Creating and sharing engaging content is the foundation of a successful social media presence. The more authentic, informative, and eye-catching your content is, the more your online audience will engage with it. 

Stumped on what you should post? Keep reading to get 6 Facebook content ideas you can use right now! 


  1. Patient Testimonials – Online reviews are great, but patient testimonials are even better! When you observe a happy patient, ask for a few minutes of their time to share their story. Pick a location with good lighting and minimal background noise and shoot it on your smartphone to share to Facebook. 
  1. Office Updates – You can never share too much office content! Form a habit of frequently sharing the latest office happenings with your audience. Examples include birthday celebrations, silly office antics, and patient treatment updates (with their permission of course). 
  1. Oral Health Tips from the Doctor or Dental Hygienist – Your audience follows your Facebook page because you are a specialist in your area of expertise. Post videos of either a doctor or a hygienist demonstrating a good oral hygiene routine or discussing the link between oral health and a balanced diet. 
  1. Humor – A good rule of thumb is never take yourself too seriously on social media. Don’t be afraid to show off your silly side! Mixing in harmless humor with your regular office and dental content can help add a nice human element to the content you post. 
  1. Employee Spotlights – Similar to the office updates idea, regularly spotlight your amazing team! Employee spotlights are a great way for your audience to become familiar with your team, helping to ease any pre-appointment anxiety they may experience. 
  1. Sharing Relevant Articles  – Keep your audience updated on the latest breakthroughs and announcements in your industry by sharing relevant articles you come across. 

The more personality your office can generate through content the quicker you can build relationships and trust with your audience online. There are a few additional key points you’ll want to keep in mind when posting to Facebook to ensure your post performs well: 

  • When captioning the content you post to Facebook make it conversational and brief. A post that has a long caption (longer than 50 characters) will more likely be ignored. 
  • Post during “Peak Hours” when your audience is most likely to see it (yes, the time of day and which day you post does matter). 
  • Keep your posts dynamic and switch between photo and video content. Don’t shy away from taking video content because it seems like more work than photos. Taking a video on your smartphone and uploading it to Facebook is quick and simple! 


With these tips, you now have some ideas available for posting more creative content to your Facebook business page!

If you have any related questions please reach out to the Sesame Social Team as we are here to support your social media efforts. Happy posting! 


—Jennie Rogers, Social Media Specialist 2, Sesame Communications

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