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3 Social Media Trends that Will Improve Visibility

Social Media Trends for Practices to Utilize

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest social media trends over the past year. There have been a few updates worth noting that can help your practice gain social visibility. 

Within this post, I will cover 3 cool social media content trends your practice can utilize to increase overall engagement!


Connect With Your Followers Through Live Streams

Live Streams are a great way to put a face to your practice. With ongoing social distancing requirements, many normal activities were put on hold and migrated to a video platform.

Live streams are an available feature on most social media platforms, and they are accessible to anyone, anywhere. With the increase in users on social media platforms during the last few years coupled with the increase in video content, live streams are a great option to get your practice out in front of your current and prospective patients. 

Use Stories to Provide More Content

Stories have become a dominant content format for many platforms. The idea that you can share in-person content at any time has become increasingly appealing to users all over the world. Want to share something cool you are working on? Upload it to your story. Want to promote a contest without it overwhelming your feed? Share it on your story.

People love to watch videos because they’re convenient for easily digesting information and a story is a great way to promote your practice while keeping your audience engaged.

Authenticity and Transparency Allow You to Shine 

Consumers want real. They want to know that there is someone behind your page and that you are relatable. This means that maintaining authenticity and transparency around you and your practice is crucial if you want to build a trusted relationship with your consumers.

What does this mean in social media terms? Own up to your mistakes, be reachable through your DMs to answer any questions, and show how much you care about fixing problems. Be more engaged with your audience but do so in a proper way.

Be Active 

The best thing you can do for your social media presence is to be active on your profiles. Post as often as you can even if your reach and engagement aren’t always high. Consistency is key.

Diversify your content, include some pictures, some videos, add in a fun fact, etc. when posting. You can look at the Explore page on Instagram, for example, to see what types of content are trending.


By combining great tools like live Streams and User Stories with authentic content posted regularly your practice can position itself well for a nice bounce in visibility on your social profiles. Remember to keep at it, as any one of your posts could eventually trend or even go viral! 


—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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