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3 Free Tools for Generating Blog Post Content Ideas

Writer’s block happens. Even prolific writers struggle with generating new content ideas at times. 

Luckily, in the Internet age there are a TON of resources you can utilize to help with content creation. 

In this blog post I will outline 3 great tools you can utilize for coming up with new blog post ideas. Oh, and each one can be used for FREE!

Google Suggest

Have you ever started typing in a search query on Google and noticed suggested results start to populate below your search? This feature is called Google Suggest. 

Here’s an example. I started filling the search bar with “common orthodontic…” and before the entire term was populated Google came up with a number of search terms suggestions for me to use. 

Performing Google search queries is a great way to develop content ideas. The reason being the suggested search queries Google populates are all based on queries people using Google have performed in the past. 

That translates to there being interest in each of these potential topics. So, if you select one of these themes and write a compelling post you stand a good chance of attracting relevant visitors to your website, which is of course the goal of adding new content to your site!

Use Existing Topic Generator Tools

Because writer’s block persists throughout all industries and walks of life many people have pondered the best methods for addressing it. That’s led to an abundance of great (many free) tools on the internet for generating new content ideas. 

So, how do you access these great tools? Simply perform a search query (as in the below image) for something like “blog topic generator.” The result will be an abundance of tools, most of which are free or have free versions, that you can use to come up with new post ideas. 


This tool is useful because the search result will be a list of articles already in existence related to the theme you chose. Importantly, the results also show Facebook and Twitter Likes and Tweets around a given post, which gives you an idea of how effective and popular a given theme is. 

In turn, you can create content with similar themes based on a general idea you know has been well-received by people. Don’t copy the exact theme of course!

To use the tool, navigate to the Ubersuggest website, type in a keyword, and search. On the results page in the left navigation area click on the “Content Ideas” link. 

Here’s a sample result for the term “dental technology”: 

Each of the tools mentioned in this post yields unique opportunities for creating new content. That’s why using multiple tools to help you discover new content ideas is the best course of action you can take. By combining searches with multiple tools and testing various keywords and directions you’ll create a nice base of new content ideas from which to pull when you’re ready for the writing process. 


Of course, Sesame can also help! Content creation is a time-intensive process no matter what you do to generate ideas. Please feel free to reach out to us for information about our solutions for content creation on your behalf or for any questions related to the tools mentioned in this post. 


—Mike Fitterer, Sr. Marketing Manager II, Sesame Communications

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