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    Your Google My Business Profile Can be Great for SEO

    GMB helps SEO for your practice

    We’ve all been there. On our phone looking for a quick answer. Maybe the search is for hours of a business, a quick look at a menu, or just trying to find the address. This used to be a multi-step process – first you search for a business, go to their website for address and hours info, and maybe go to Yelp to find their menu and piece things together. When Google introduced Google My Business in 2014, they revolutionized how people search by putting all of this information in one place. 

    Google My Business Features and Benefits

    Google My Business has evolved over the years. You can now find core business information, amenities, photos, reviews, and much more. Besides being a great experience for someone searching for a business, Google also incorporated it as a ranking factor when it comes to your SEO efforts. 

    Google My Business accounts for anywhere between 10-25% of your ranking factor when people are searching for a local business. You can have a great website that has been optimized with great content, backlinks, and domain authority but if your Google My Business isn’t up to par, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

    Optimization Strategy

    How can you make sure that you are putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed with your Google My Business profile? 

    First and foremost, ensure that your Google My Business profile is claimed and verified. The verification process tells Google that you are a legitimate business at the correct location(s). 

    Next, make sure that your core business information is correct. Have you changed hours recently or changed office locations? Double-check that this information is current. If Google can’t connect an address that is listed on your website with the one on your Google My Business profile, they will penalize you when it comes to organic search rankings. 

    After you have claimed and ensured your page has the correct information, start adding photos. Google looks for exterior photos (building, signage, etc.) and photos of the interior (waiting area, operatories, etc). The more information you add about your services, offerings, and other aspects of your practice, the more it helps Google define your business and the better chance you stand of a trustworthy grade. 

    Reviews are Essential

    The last primary aspect of your Google My Business profile that is going to help you rank is reviews. A large portion of ranking for your Google My Business page comes down to the reviews and engagement on that page. 

    Don’t be afraid to ask patients to leave you reviews! The more reviews you have, the more Google sees your business as trustworthy. The result? Google is more likely to boost your rankings relative to your competition. 


    Do you know where you stand with Google My Business? If not, review your current page to ensure as much information is present and accurate as possible. Even if you are ranking well, there is always more you can do! 


    —Phil Horton, Sr. Search Manager, Sesame Communications 

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