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What is Schema Markup?

In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world there are many terms that get thrown around. They include keywords, domain authority, metadata, and link building. Yet, one aspect of SEO that often goes overlooked is something called Schema markup. So what exactly is it?

Google and other search engines are constantly “crawling” websites. They take the information on your website to determine where you should rank for related search queries. Considerations include factors like customized content, relevancy, and other backend data that most people can’t even see. But how does Google know what all of this content means? That’s where Schema markup comes in.

Schema is a piece of code that goes on the backend of the site where no site visitors will see it. However, this piece of code is particularly important. Schema tells search engines exactly what they are crawling.

There are multiple types of Schema depending on what page you are looking at. For example, Schema markup on the “Meet the Doctor” page tells search engines that you are a doctor, what your education background entails, and what your practice does. On the homepage, it tells the search engines that your website is for a business and how you can be contacted.

Search engines crawl incredibly large amounts of data constantly. They do what they can to determine what websites are and where they should rank. By having these signals written directly to them via Schema markup, you take much of the “guesswork” out by telling them exactly what is on each page.

The Sesame SEO Team utilizes these and other best practices to help our members’ get found and selected by patients. Want more information on Schema and how it helps your website? Our SEO Team is here to help!

—Phil Horton, Search Manager, Sesame Communications

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