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    What is Mobile-First SEO?

    Surprise! Google and most other prominent search engines don’t treat mobile and desktop site versions the same. 

    Google and other search engines have been slowly switching to indexing the mobile versions of sites instead of desktop versions, meaning they care MOST about the mobile version because a majority of search queries are now performed on mobile devices. 


    What’s Important with Mobile-First SEO? 

    With Mobile-First SEO, there are some key steps your practice should take to ensure your rankings continue to improve so that prospective patients can consistently find you via their mobile devices. 

    They include:

    • If you are involved in Pay Per Click (PPC) efforts via Google Ads, always allow your ad campaigns to appear on mobile versions.
    • Make sure the images on the mobile version of your website are high-quality and are in a supported format.
    • The alt text on the desktop version of your website should match the alt text for the mobile website.
    • Be sure the content and landing pages on the desktop version match up with the content on the mobile version – do not cut off any important content from one version to the other.
    • If you have any videos on the desktop version, be sure they are not slowing down the page load speed, as this will also slow down the mobile loading speed.

    If your site has separate URLs for the desktop and mobile versions (also known as m-dot), we recommend the following additional best practices:

    • Make sure that the error page status is the same on both the desktop and mobile sites. If a page on your desktop site serves normal contents and your mobile site’s version of that page serves an error page, this page will be missing from the index.
    • Make sure your mobile website version has an accordion or drop-down style format. That way the search engines can crawl and still find its content without thinking the landing page information is “hiding.”


    If you have any further questions regarding implementing new strategies with Mobile-First indexation, please reach out to the Sesame SEO Team so they can offer the insight you need or answer any questions you have. 

    —Aliah Rasmussen, SEO Specialist II, Sesame Communications

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