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Utilizing Appointment Reminders for Safe Virtual Communication

Automated Reminder Tips

Now, more than ever, contactless communication is needed to keep your practice functioning.

Automated reminders have been an essential tool for dental and ortho practices for years, however in the time of COVID-19, adding additional messaging that can be quickly updated as needed will ease patients’ concerns.

Information to include can consist of the following:

Links to Online Patient Forms and Health Questionnaire

Studies have shown that sending patient forms out, prior to an appointment time, leads to less no shows. Including links to your online forms in your appointment reminders will allow patients enough time to provide necessary information safely from the comfort of their homes. 

Safety Precautions Taken Upon Arrival

In order to set expectations for the patients next visit, outline these steps in your message. This could include how early to check-in and how to alert you once they have arrived. Include office requirements such as wearing a mask, pre-COVID screening of symptoms, etc.

How to Properly Reschedule Appointments

Provide your current policy for rescheduling or cancelling an appointment along with the best way to contact the office. 

Emergency Care Information

Though this information may be on your website, adding a link to the specific page will be a helpful resource. Along with contact information specifically for emergency cases.

Communicating Safety Steps Taken

This messaging may include how you are using additional PPE, cleaning and disinfecting waiting areas more frequently, and/or how you have invested in upgraded technology. Reassuring patients of their health and safety is key during these times.


By utilizing your automated reminder system, you will effectively spread the word on important information and will ensure a streamlined visit for your staff and patients.

For more information about what you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please visit the World Health Organization website.


—Christina Curtis, Senior Onboarding Specialist, Sesame Communications

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