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Using YouTube to Your Practice’s Advantage

Does your practice’s content strategy need something new? Have you mastered Instagram and Facebook and are ready to add a new platform to your repertoire?

Utilizing YouTube to add videos to your content strategy gameplan is a way to cultivate a stronger brand voice by letting your audience become acquainted with you and your office and also allows you to feature products, how to’s, and patient testimonials.

Getting started is simple. With your Sesame Social Service, we set you up with a YouTube account that we brand to match your practice website. Since your account is already set up you can hop right in and get started on generating video ideas. Listed below are some ideas you can use to start developing your unique story:

  1. Meet the Doctor(s) – The importance of this video is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a great way to introduce potential patients to the doctors! 
  2. Office Tour – Show off your office and let potential and current patients know what to expect from a visit! 
  3. Featured Products/Product Reviews – This is a unique way for either a doctor or hygienist to review the latest trends in either orthodontics or dental and educate their patients. 
  4. Patient Testimonials – Ask to film patients for a short review of their experience with either a treatment they just went through or their overall experience with your office. 
  5. Procedure Videos/Discussions – Ease your patients’ worries by going step by step through typical procedures. 

Those are just a few ideas to get you started! What other topics can you think of that you’d want to talk about in a video? Don’t be daunted by taking videos! You can easily shoot videos on your phone and upload via the YouTube app. Once your video is uploaded to YouTube don’t forget to share the video to your Facebook page! 

As always the Sesame Social Team is here to help you get started so don’t be shy and send us an email or give us a call to help you get started with your first YouTube video! 

—Jennie Rogers, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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