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Using IGTV for Marketing Your Practice

Instagram is constantly evolving to incorporate more innovative features for its users. One of the latest additions to the platform is IGTV (Instagram Television), which launched last summer and works as a separate platform away from your main photo feed, focusing solely on video content.

One of the main highlights of IGTV is that it allows users to post videos that are up to 10 minutes long. This can be a great branding tool for an office possessing the time and energy to create short, engaging videos. You can either access IGTV through the Instagram app or download the standalone app.

First, you are probably curious about how to access IGTV. Getting started is pretty simple:

  1. Choose if you want to access IGTV through the Instagram app or if you want to download the IGTV app.
  2. Download IGTV in your phone’s app store.
  3. In the app, click Create Channel and then link your dental practice’s Instagram account.
  4. Shoot a video vertically and share it to your Instagram account.

Now that you have your IGTV channel setup let’s work on content ideas. Whether your office is dental or orthodontic; video ideas are primarily the same:

  1. Patient Testimonials – Interview a patient who just finished treatment OR create a video series showcasing a patient’s journey with treatment (Invisalign, braces, etc).
  2. Procedure videos – You will want to be careful of being too graphic and scaring away your audience but this could be a good opportunity to show some typical procedures and make a patient comfortable.
  3. Office Tour – A long office tour helps potential patients become acquainted with the in’s and out’s of your office.
  4. Events and Occasions – Highlight a birthday, community event, special announcement – Showoff office personalities and let both current and potential patients see what your office dynamic is like when it’s not strictly work-related.
  5. Meet the Team – Another way for patients to get to know your staff a little better.

Once you’ve created a new video make sure you feature the 1-minute preview on your main Instagram account!  

If a staff member of your office has the time to create video content IGTV it is worth the effort. Videos can be a great way to engage your audience.

If you have any further questions about content ideas for videos please reach out to our Social Media team! We are always happy to help you get creative.

—Jennie Rogers, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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