Understanding Google Page Experience

Google Algorithm Updates

The only constant with Google’s algorithm is that there is no consistency. Google continuously updates how they present search results to its users as part of its quest to give them an ideal experience. 

On that note, Google is expected to roll out their latest update any day now. This update aims to give priority to pages that present the best possible user experience. 

So what does that mean for your practice? Keep reading to learn about the 3 most important things you should know about the update.

1. What does page experience even mean?

The good news is that page experience is exactly what it sounds like. When you go to a website, you want everything to load quickly (page speed), be clear (visual stability), and be easy to navigate (interactivity). These factors are what are called “core web vitals.”

There are also some non-core web vital signals like having a mobile-friendly (i.e. responsive design) website, having a secure (HTTPS) website and lacking intrusive elements like pop-up ads.

If your website currently meets these requirements, your practice is already in good shape. If your website isn’t responsive or doesn’t yet have HTTPS, your site is likely to be impacted. 

1. The update won’t immediately affect rankings

The update is set to be rolled out any time in mid-June. However, Google has said that it will not play a full role in search rankings until the end of August. This gives users time to make updates to their site before they are impacted and for Google to monitor for any major issues during the update. 

Use this time wisely. Audit your website to determine if there are any issues with what was covered in the previous section. It’s never too late to get your website up to speed (no pun intended)!

How can I prepare for this update?

If you have a website provider like Sesame, we’ve already built your website with these factors in mind and are constantly working on improvements. 

If your website is not with Sesame or is more than 3-4 years old, it’s time to start going through the checklist. Is your website responsive? Is it secure? Do you have any intrusive programs or advertisements that impede the user experience? If you also have too many large images on a page, it may slow down the page loading speed which can influence rankings.


So, take inventory of your site and locate areas for improvement. As always, a consistent SEO approach will help to drive results for your practice. 

If you do have questions about Google’s latest update or would like to discuss your website, Sesame is here to help!


—Phil Horton, Sr. Search Manager, Sesame Communications

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