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Technology and Passion: A Disruptive, Positive, Health Care force

Technology and Passion: A Disruptive, Positive, Health Care force

Imagine you’re having a perfect day in your life as a dentist. What would it look like?

You had your new patient at “hello!” You’d rock her with your ability to connect personally. Just like an amazing speaker, you’d exit to thunderous applause and your new patient would say, “Yes!” to your recommendations. They said, “That was exactly what I needed to hear.” Today, one of your new patients placed a non-refundable retainer of $5000 for her $30,000 of dentistry. That’s just for this year; she knows there’s more, and she’s on board.

You left the office, exhilarated, and then you get a call on your phone. It’s your scheduling coordinator, letting you know that she just booked 2 more comprehensive patients for the start of their care. You walk thru the parking lot to your car, shaking your head, and think: “This was an amazing day!”

Your assistants and hygienists were spot on with their verbal skills. The front desk rocked with their customer service. Then, the newspaper editorial columnist rings your cell phone, asking for a featured article on your practice, because you’ve got the latest salivary medical testing system, and no one else does!

Reality check? Maybe. But I do know this can happen. It begins by setting your practice apart from others. Positioning, passion and technology matter to your patients. How do you brand your practice, to make it stand out in a “sea of sameness?”. Do you have online bill pay? Do you connect with your patient via their smart phone? How is your website? Sort of blah, or wow!?”

How is the customer service in your practice? Do you know what your team members are saying on the phone? Or, do you say, “I just want to do dentistry.” Or worse yet, “I’m burned out, and I don’t care?” Dentists say to me, sadly but quite often, “Is this all there is?” I’d say, “NO!” You can change what you’re doing, but it takes time, energy and commitment. Marketing is hugely important to your success.

Here are some assessment questions:

1. Do you have video on your website? Video helps your patients know you before they meet you. Check out my video at The opening page has the tour of the practice. But most patients head immediately to the “meet the doctor” video.

2. How about a ‘value added links?’

3. Do you have great colors and patient friendly language, with a ‘you, you, and you’ focus in your sentence structure? The website is about you but its for the patient. On the opening page, your sentence structure should start with:

  • “You will experience…”
  • “You will enjoy….”
  • “Your family will appreciate….”

4. Do you have digital x-rays, intraoral cameras (with verbally skilled staff, talking from the camera and setting the stage for case acceptance)?

5. What services or technology do you offer that makes you stand out from another dental practice?

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. Marketing is really a dialogue: What are patients saying about your practice, inside and outside your practice? Regardless of your practice style, you can have the perfect day. What’s your perfect day look like?


by Dr. Rhonda Savage

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