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Social Media Content Ideas for Reopened Practices

These past months have been a challenge. There is no denying it. People and businesses across the country have struggled as COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives. 

As everyone adjusts to a new way of life, practices are looking for new ways to remain successful community pillars. Now that offices are opening up across the country, it’s time to focus on the positive and celebrate by letting patients know!


Leveraging Social Media for New Content

If your doors are opening back up and patients are coming in, you can take advantage of this time to create some new content for your social media channels. 

Many practices have posted announcements up on Facebook or Instagram about reopening which is the most important message right now – but there is so much more opportunity in these challenging times. 

In reality, many people are still wary of leaving their house, let alone going to an office with staff covered head-to-toe in PPE. Help ease some of that worry by creating content letting patients know that it is still you under all that equipment. 

Post some pictures of the office having fun while in their PPE gear or even post a video of the staff all dressed up. The more patients know what to expect when they walk in, the easier it will be. You could also write a blog or post a video on social channels about all of the new sanitization techniques you are utilizing to show patients that you are taking their health incredibly seriously. 

Highlight Human Moments

Have patients brought in treats for their favorite staff in town? Be sure to post about it to show your thanks. Not only does this show your appreciation, but it shows other patients who may not be sure about coming back that others are out there doing just that. While it is definitely not “business as usual” in your office, you can help patients experience some sort of normalcy when they come in for treatment. 


These last months have been challenging but now is the time to flip the script and get your patients comfortable and excited to come back! Social media gives your practice a voice and if there ever was a time to use your voice on social platforms, now is that time!


—Phil Horton, Sr. Search Manager, Sesame Communications

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