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Should Your Practice Have Multiple Facebook Pages?

If your practice has multiple locations, should you create separate Facebook pages for each of them? It’s a common question for larger practices, and a great one to ask too.

Consolidating your brand under one page or creating multiple pages for your various locations has both pros and cons, so let’s discuss what they are.

Establishing a singular page for your practice


  • Creates a strong, singular voice  
    • By having one page, you will have control over the standards and voice of your brand, allowing for consistent content.
  • One main community hub
    • By having one page, your fans and followers know exactly where to find you. All engagement will be shared at the same locations.
  • Less time investment
    • With multiple pages comes multiple posting schedules, so having just the one page cuts down on the time and resources needed.


  • Lack of specificity
    • This isn’t always the case, but you could potentially have content or updates that are specific to one location as opposed to the brand as a whole.

Creating multiple pages for your practice


  • Localization
    • With multiple pages, you have the opportunity to reach various audiences based on the location, along with providing content or updates specific to them.
  • Fan broadening
    • With multiple locations, you have the opportunity to widen your reach and potentially acquire new fans.


  • Running out of resources
    • By having multiple pages, you run the risk of duplicating content – a no-go for social media. In order to combat this, you’d need original content per page, stretching out resources and time.
  • Splitting the audience
    • By creating multiple pages you run the risk of splitting your fan base and audience. This could lead to lower engagement, lower clicks, and so on.

Ultimately, the decision to create multiple pages will largely depend on your audience. Do you have a sizable following? Does making individual pages for each location make sense? These are the questions to ask yourself when making the decision on how to run your multiple office locations on social media.

Of course, our Social Media team is here to help, so if you’re looking to have another opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can start a discussion!

—Adrian Vargas, Social Media Ad Specialist, Sesame Communications

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